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Call Tracking with CallView360®

CallView360® from Dial800 is proprietary call tracking software that allows you to quickly understand the volume and makeup of your incoming calls so you can optimize for results. CallView360® is built from the ground up utilizing the latest technology to easily analyze unfiltered switch-level data so you see exactly what your response is from callers.

Call tracking analytics allow you to understand, even at a simple glance, who is responding to your campaigns. Efficiently monitor and adjust marketing and advertising efforts for optimal ROI with Dial800 CallView360® call tracking software.Ask us today how to get 500 FREE minutes of Call Tracking with Dial800.

CallView360® Call Tracking from Dial800

9 Great Features of Our Call Tracking You'll Love

At the heart of CallView360® is an intuitive dashboard that clarifies and simplifies the complexities of call tracking and campaign management. The customizable menus and graphs allow you to mine campaign data, giving you accurate calculations of your cost per call, cost per lead, even your ROI. With detailed data on your campaign performance, you can make astute decisions about which advertising campaign is working or not working.

Our call tracking software allows you to instantly qualify your leads to make sure they are in your target market. CallView360® call tracking features provide detailed demographics on each of your calls. The call tracking demographics include age, gender, income, and marital status. This is great data to ensure your marketing dollars are being spent in the right places!

All of the call tracking numbers in your campaign have “number tagging” options. This means that you can easily manage and realize the source of every phone call. You can quickly identify the medium of a call by channel, creative, destination, agency, offer and any other desired label. After a call tracking number is tagged, you can group them together for performance reporting that allows for easy comparison to determine the ROI between campaign differentiators.

Complete, clear records of each call are an incomparable tool for legal purposes, staff training and customer service optimization. Playing even one exemplary call each week to a sales team improves performance—cumulatively—for increased sales and customer satisfaction. You’ll know what your customers really want and also how your team is handling each concern. In addition, call recording allows marketers to conduct market research against their most important audience segment—buyers and prospects that have raised their hands! Now you can conduct consumer research with breadth and scope for a fraction of the cost of traditional focus groups that can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

With CallView360® call tracking alerts you will receive an email automatically anytime a call occurs that matches certain criteria. Our alerts let you set up different parameters and indicate whether or not you want to be automatically notified. You can set up this automatic notification for any of your search variables. This feature allows you to be proactive when exceptions—or extraordinary events—arise.

Individual numbers, whole campaigns, even multiple campaigns can all be analyzed for easy review and comparison. Call patterns, selling patterns, cost per call, and cost per lead are all easily distinguishable in both numeric lists and graphic displays. Every demographic selected for filtering can also be used as a reference for analytic sorting and trend identification.

CallView360® advanced search enables you to sort information by the criteria most important to you, whether it’s date and time, state, area code, sale, call center, and much, much more. Calls can be sorted by source, destination, time of origin, duration, and every demographic imaginable. Searches can be saved for future use, making reports, comparisons, and trend identification intuitive and precise. In addition, alerts can automatically be sent to you via email should a call match any search criteria, providing instant feedback on your response.

RoundTrip data, when integrated, allows you to see exactly what has occurred from the point of lead generation to the back end close. You’ll be able to see not only the call, but the sale! Now you can truly breakdown your campaign results to determine which offers and media are most effective because your data will be accurate and complete. You’ll even be able to compare close rates and average order value by call center on a simple, intuitive graph.

Do you have other systems that depend on your call records? That’s no problem! CallView360® provides open access to APIs allowing access for other applications to analyze and compare.

We depend on CallView360® to provide analysis of our marketing efforts. It's a pleasure to work with such a robust, flexible, and user-friendly system.

Robert, Director of Operations System Forward America

How to Use Call Tracking

Using CallView360® is as simple as looking at a graph. Our customizable dashboards allow you to see exactly what is happening with your marketing and advertising efforts in terms of the most important aspects: who is calling, where they calling from, why they are calling, and how your agent, team or representative handles the call.


Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to adjust and optimize your marketing campaigns for the best results. You can quickly identify who is responding to your campaigns, what channel prompted the response and understand how your target audience interacted with your company. Not only will you be able to optimize your campaigns, you’ll never need to miss a call again!


CallView360® permitted us to gauge the efficiency of our advertising and increase the effectiveness of our team. Their system is Five Stars!

Chuck, Senior VP G&K Management Co.

We are very happy with the call tracking service your company provides. It has given us a ton of info that we have never been able to track before.
Thank you!

Jennifer Moreau, Marketing Coordinator Katsur Management Group

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