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Choosing a call tracking company

Choosing a call tracking company

Before you choose a call tracking company, there are four critical areas you should evaluate.

1.   Reliability.  One of the fundamental mistakes that many marketers make when looking for call tracking is that they look at features versus the integrity of the company actually providing those features.  It is vital that you understand what sort of redundancies your call tracking and call routing carrier maintains in terms of power grid and data centers in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.  For example, it is alleged that one of the leading telemarketers that services the direct marketing industry recently lost power due to a plane crash taking out the power grid in their area.  Their redundancies failed and marketers were left with their calls going… nowhere.  This caused precious leads and sales to be lost, perhaps forever.  Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP is typically not as reliable as landlines, so be aware of exactly what it is you are buying!

2.   Value Add.  Does your call tracking service provider simply track calls or do they also help you attain more customers?  One key in answering this question is to understand how long they’ve been in business.  Do they possess the depth of knowledge that can only be attained from years of experience?  A good call tracking service provider will act proactively and consultatively, giving you, for example, better toll-free numbers that will generate a higher volume of inbound leads that then translate into sales.  Your call tracking supplier should also be ready to provide you with value add in the form of programs such as save the sale direct mail and other solutions that have evolved from years in the trenches.

3.  Are You In Good Company?  Review the customer list of any prospective call tracking service provider to see if you recognize their clients.  Successful marquee clients are a great indicator of how effective the services being provided are.  Feel free to ask for references and do your due diligence.

4. What Happens After You Buy?  When calling references, ask about customer service.  While there is a tendency to automate many processes in the era of the Internet, there is no substitute for person-to-person interaction to identify needs and prescribe solutions.  Your call tracking vendor should make access to your account representative easy and swift.

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