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Introducing the Dial800 Knowledge Base!

The Dial800 website now features a new section you may have noticed – a detailed Dial800 Knowledge Base! With step-by-step articles, how to guides, detailed overviews of key features and . . . CONTINUE READING
Over the Op Media Tracking, OTT

OTT – Over-The-Top Media Tracking

The world of Direct Response marketing is dependent on getting quick and high-quality results. When Dial800 was founded they quickly found collaborators in the Direct Response industry. Growing together from mail order forms and infomercials, Dial800 has been a steadfast solution and partner to our Direct Response clients. In recent years mediums have shifted and […]

Introducing the New Dial800

Dial800 Launches Brand Refresh

Updates Reflect Expansion in Tracking, AI Driven Analytics, and New Cloud-Based Communications

MAHWAH, N.J. (PRWEB) July 20, 2021 – Dial800, a leading provider of call tracking and analytics solutions, has unveiled a new brand refresh with updated logo and website (https://www.dial800.com/) focusing . . . CONTINUE READING

Myth Busters

Debunking 8 fallacies about 1-800 business numbers

If your business has yet to choose a toll free 1-800 or vanity number, you may well have fallen subject to one of the myths about the industry.

Incoming calls vs. online forms?

No contest when it comes to lead value

In spite of all the high-tech forms of communication out there, successful salespeople often prefer one of the most traditional modes — phone calls. That’s because incoming calls, especially those gleaned from PPC campaigns, offer some of the highest conversion rates on record. Why? The customer is present; he’s already shown he’s interested in your company […]

custom call routing and call queue management

Call Queue Management

Are you taking advantage of all the options in AccuRoute?

Call routing and queue management are easier than ever with Dial800’s AccuRoute. Using a wide range of built-in rules and options, your business can create a customized system for handling inbound calls with ease. There are two parts to handling an inbound call: how it gets routed within your system, and once it reaches its, how […]

You have a business phone number now what

I bought a business phone number, now what?

Buying a memorable toll free business phone number is an important step to driving phone calls to your business! SoWith AccuRoute® from Dial800 you can create as simple or complex a routing system as you need. Easily manage multiple agents, offices in different locations, differing call routing rules based on the caller, and much more. Especially if your business phone line is […]

Local businesses- local or toll free number

Should Local Businesses Use A Local Or A Toll Free Number?

Should Local Businesses Use A Local Or A Toll Free Number? Is a business better off using a local prefix or a toll free number? Those who argue in favor of local prefix numbers defend the practice based on the argument that many people want to do business locally. However, the world has changed a […]

Keep connected with customers- insights and data tools

Understanding Buyer Behavior – Insights & Data Tools to Learn About Your Customers

They say that knowing your audience is everything. Whether you’re trying to nail a pitch or sell your product, it’s important to understand who you’re reaching out to and what they respond to. Learning your customers’ buyer behavior is a key way to effectively connect with your audience and increase profits. What is Buyer Behavior? […]

Caller ID for online marketing

DNI: Your caller ID for online marketing

In the past, marketers were often challenged to pinpoint the largest sources of their online leads. Thankfully, an easy-to-implement tool called dynamic number insertion (DNI) can now serve up such useful information when paired with toll free phone numbers used in website ads. That means less waste in your budget as you drill down to […]