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Get your leads here! New Dial800 marketplace optimizes surpluses

Get your leads here! New Dial800 marketplace optimizes surpluses

No longer will quality leads waste away in no-man’s-land if Dial800 can help it.

Thanks to Dial800’s new trading platform known as Leads Marketplace, buyers and sellers can virtually converge in one location to make the best possible use (and monetization) of incoming calls from already interested customers. The system is a win-win; it generates revenues both for firms that lack the capacity to process all their generated leads and for firms with less established marketing methods (and/or fewer industry connections) that need a boost. Further, it’s free to Dial800 clients.

The system works like this: Thousands of buyers and sellers interested in or engaged in call marketing contact us to be listed on our proprietary platform. Before taking them into the fold, we analyze their industry, their existing call volumes and the nature of their calls to help gauge their offerings. Once part of our system, sellers can be contacted directly by buyers for the determination of lead qualifiers, optimum volumes and prices per lead. Then, as the leads become available in real time, we continually notify sellers of surpluses that are automatically routed to their contractual buyers.

A Dial800 toll-free number is not required to participate, but the system does optimize our CallView360 tool so each call can be incorporated into your real-time reports and analytics. In short, we take care of the busywork so you can focus on generating revenues and maximizing ROI, not finessing buyer-seller relationships.

The procedure offers participants easy access to multiple high-quality vendors in a way that’s centralized, simple and 100 percent transparent. In comparison, buying leads in a fragmented marketplace can be muddled by untried lead sources, price variability, negligible ROI and difficulty in analyzing important metrics.

As part of your call marketing campaign, Leads Marketplace helps you capitalize on the huge popularity of smartphones to grab consumers’ attention and immediately turn that into conversions. Studies show incoming phone calls are worth five to 10 times the revenue of completed website forms, largely because callers are present in real time and have already demonstrated interest in your wares. In contrast, online query forms often go to waste when sales personnel lack the time and/or motivation to follow up. As such, BIA/Kelsey expects advertisers to spend nearly $16 billion this year on mobile search advertising, a 33 percent hike from last year. Spending could reach $23 billion by 2021, it predicts.

Interested in a free demo showing how Leads Marketplace proceeds in real time? Log on here.

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