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Making the Best of the Blur: Opportunities During the Coronavirus

Making the Best of the Blur: Opportunities During the Coronavirus

Dial800’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mike Mezzanotte recently published an article with The Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) discussing how Dial800 has adapted to changes brought on by COVID-19.


If the world stopped spinning, then why have the last 3 months been such a blur?

Within days, everything changed.  Virus onset, 24/7 news coverage, schools closed and shelter-in-place.  We all assessed our businesses, set up the remote workforce and strapped in to see what was to come.  We all feared the worst and hoped for the best.

We prepared for (and expected) a slow-down, but what Dial800 found was quite the opposite.  Overall our business is actually up month-over-month and continues to grow.  For the most part, about 60% of our current client base has been status quo, not much has changed for them at all.  About 30% have been growing through all of this, and of course there are lots of new companies and services emerging and starting to advertise.  Only a few clients actually put their advertising efforts on hold, but even those are now starting to ramp back up.  

The question was asked, “how has our business changed with all this?”  The answer is simple “we’re busier than ever!” At first I was surprised at the rising tide, but when I stepped back and assessed, it became quickly obvious…ATTRIBUTION. So many of our clients are paying even more attention to the efficiency of their media these days.  Measuring the media attribution data when evaluating the success of each $ spent is a key element in campaign performance, and during this uncertain time, the demand for our support has grown dramatically.  Our Account Management team is spending more time than ever before helping clients maximize their campaign performance through our reporting and routing platforms.  It has been time well spent, ranging anywhere from helping clients with smaller media budgets to those taking advantage of this time investing more media to test new products and creative offer variations…

From our experience, the following industries seem to be thriving during this new normal; Health Care, Fitness, Kitchen Products, Home Improvement, Financial Services, Technology, Health and Wellness Products, etc.  I have heard similar stories from other partners throughout the Marketing and Advertising industry, and all seem to share the “busier than ever” sentiment.  With the increase in TV viewership and increased response rates there are some really nice opportunities out there for marketers to try new media, test-measure-test and invest in what works.

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