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Dial800 Advanced Services: The Outsourced Agency Advantage

Dial800 Advanced Services: The Outsourced Agency Advantage

Dial800 Call Data Analysis

If you use call tracking or call routing services, you might get quite a large amount of unfiltered and unanalyzed data.  Dial800 Advanced Services sets us apart because we take what has traditionally been internal analysis, or non-existent analysis, and make the data holistic and meaningful.

Lucio Maramba, the Manager of Advanced Services, explains the advantages of having an agency provide this type of service and what outsourcing can offer.

Lucio explains that he personally has over 16 years of experience in this industry with call tracking and call routing data.  He has experience with call center management, campaign optimization, performance centered functions, digital integration, multivariate analysis, and more.

The value of outsourcing your data analysis is not just theoretical.  When you have the right data, analyzed in the right way, you can make better decisions for your business. Lucio has seen the conversion rate increase by 75% and the value of orders places increase by 10%.  This type of data analysis

If you are running a call tracking or call routing campaign and need help understanding your data, give Dial800 a try. You can call us at 800-700-1987 or send us an online inquiry at www.Dial800.com/start.

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