Hosted PBX with Call Tracking

Business phone services with a call tracking advantage

Connect your team with cloud-based, secure and flexible phone services for inbound and outbound calling.

When you use Dial800’s Hosted PBX alongside our call tracking plans, you’ll instantly improve your caller experience while also making better marketing decisions through the intelligent call tracking and analytics available on all your inbound and outbound calls.

Check out our call tracking, routing and analytics features, then schedule a live demo with the Dial800 team!

Optimize Every Call for Maximum Results

Now more than ever, each call going in and out of your business matters to your bottom line.

When you track, analyze and manage your inbound and outbound calls, you’ll get more out of every call, improve conversion rates, create happier customers and win a bigger ROI.

  • Capture every call you’ve paid for with complete call data.
  • Improve team training with instant caller insights.
  • Improve conversion rates with voice analytics
  • Outbound Calls Matter

    The calls being made to your prospects and customers are just as important as how you generate and handle your company’s inbound calls.

    With Hosted PBX, gain valuable outbound call insights.
    Understanding how many calls are being made by agents, average talk times and call success ratings all provide you with real-time views to help you make changes for measurable results and improvement within each of your departments.

    Simply put, when you manage your outbound as well as your inbound, you’ll improve the overall success of your business.

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    Cloud Based Flexibility

    Send and receive your calls from any device or application with cost-cutting, cloud-based VOIP based Hosted PBX services.

    Keep your business calls flowing no matter your team’s location.
    Set up your business Hosted PBX to make and take calls on new or existing hard phones, softphone applications on computer desktops, or via app on mobile devices.

    Simplify Your Business Phone Services

    Combine inbound & outbound business phone services with one vendor (us!) and platform for all of your call services.

    Remove the complexity of your existing phone service invoices and choose Dial800’s subscription plans for easy business phone service management.

    Each Hosted PBX plan includes extension and minute packages along with discounted voice analytics features in one easy to manage business phone service.

    Choose your Dial800 call tracking plan, then connect with the Dial800 team to add Hosted PBX for discounted rates, additional minutes and features exclusive to Hosted PBX users.

    Key Features

    • Agent Queue

      Manage your high call volume with a customizable agent queues.  Play custom advertising messages to customers while waiting, notify hold times, offer an opt-out call back option.

    • Extensions

      Deliver calls, transfer calls and manage each team member with their own extension that’s routed to any device and  location.

    • Conversational Analytics

      Leverage Voice AI tools for call recording, voice ai keyword tagging & sentiment ratings for instant call scores.


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