Control Your Telemarketing


There's a simple calculation to see the positive impact switching to memorable toll free tracking numbers can have on your ROI


Get an 800 number for your business and watch your phone lead generation grow! RapidRecall memorable phone numbers from Dial800 on average create between 25% and 60% more inbound calls because they are easier to remember when your customers want to contact you.

Try the Call ROI Calculation and see how an increase in phone leads benefits your bottom line.

Enter your current inbound call volume to see expected increase of inbound calls. Calculate current and potential call to sale conversion rates. Enter the final calculation to calculate your increase in sales & revenue.

How To Calculate

STEP 1: Enter your current inbound call volume, then adjust the average increase percentage (usually between 25% – 60%) to see the increase in inbound calls to your business.
EXAMPLE: Current call volume of 500 x 50% average increase = new call volume of 750

STEP 2: Next, input your current call to sales conversion (on average, 5% of calls convert to sales) to calculate new sales volume.
EXAMPLE: With a 5% conversion rate, you have a 37.5 new sales volume

STEP 3: Finally, enter your current revenue per sale and get the final calculation of potential new revenue!
EXAMPLE: $1,000 current revenue per sale x 37.5 new sales volume from Step 2 = $37,500 new total revenue

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