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Jenny Craig

Mary, Director of Media & Analysis Jenny Craig

“Jenny Craig selected Dial 800 because they had a great selection of numbers.”

Nestle Waters

Geoff, Director of Marketing Nestle Waters

“During the 14 years we have been clients of Dial800, they have been instantly responsive and thoroughly professional in all areas of our corporate, telephonic requirements. Prompt service is definitely the name of the game in our business, and Dial800 certainly delivers.”

Trusted Hands

Trusted Hands

I started using Dial800 about 2 ½ years ago, after learning a painful lesson from getting my TFNs from the call center I was doing business from. I learned they are not portable, so I lost all the numbers I had in our website and advertising when we moved to another call center – thank God I learned that lesson when we were fairly new, so there was no a big loss from a brand perspective, just reporting.

Eden has been my concierge since we started. I have nothing but positive experiences in my interactions with her. She is the face of Dial800, so I turn to her for whatever questions or needs I have. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find someone that will and help me out. I call her “My Angel” because she is always there for me when I need assistance.

As a small business, we constantly have new requests – new 800#s, changes in routing, changes to our IVR, etc. Eden is always there to help us and turn around our requests as fast as possible. Even today, when I needed a new number to go live for a radio campaign on Monday, she was able to pull it through.

Few weeks ago, she brought in her technical expert to help me understand the configuration of our destinations, since we had made several changes that included two new IVRs. While the conversation was technical in nature, both Eden and Daryl were great and got all my questions answered.

A year ago (during the holidays), Eden’s assistance was critical when we were dealing with a particular TV vendor and we had some campaign issues. By allowing this vendor access to Dial800, they were pleased with having visibility into the call volume and were able to resume airing on TV.

I love the reporting platform for dial800 (Call View). It is great to be able to run queries based on different parameters and be able to export for graphing purposes, pivot tables, etc. It is a wonderful tool and I am looking forward to their newest release.

Scott Richards and his team have done a great job providing excellent service to my company since the day we started. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. It is amazing when you know that my concierge will be there for whatever Telco needs I am faced with. I love working with Eden – she truly exemplifies the concept of a Concierge!

ICTV Brands, Inc.

Rich Ransom, President, ICTV Brands, Inc. ICTV Brands, Inc.

Dial800 really saved our skin – when one of our call centers had a fire during our busiest quarter Dial800 immediately diverted all traffic to ensure that there was no call loss. This in effect, saved our campaign. Now Dial800 is arming us with Rapid Recall numbers that derive even more traffic to us. They are more than a vendor, they are a true partner.

Budget Blinds

Faisal Khan, CIO Budget Blinds

Over the past few years, Dial800 has been a true partner to Home Franchise Concepts, servicing hundreds of our Budget Blinds and Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage franchisees. Dial800’s ability to reliably provide complex routing that encompasses hundreds of toll-free numbers has helped our business flourish. We can always count on fast, friendly service from their concierge and telecom teams!

Sit N Sleep

Larry, CEO Sit N Sleep

“Consumers give me constant feedback that it is very easy to remember (1-800-FREEEEE) and that is critical.”

G&K Management Co.

Chuck, Senior VP G&K Management Co.

“CallView360° permitted us to gauge the efficiency of our advertising and increase the effectiveness of our team. Their system is Five Stars!”

1-800-Water Damage

Rob, President 1-800-Water Damage

“Dial800 consistently and professionally over-delivers to our franchise network each year!”

The Perfect Workout

Matt Hedman, Owner The Perfect Workout

“We use Dial800 for not only our 800 and 888 numbers, but also local phone numbers that we can route and track. We can quickly and easily route all the different calls where we want, when we want, and their software allows us to pull up all of our detailed call data quickly and easily. Our business is growing faster since starting with Dial800 than it did before we discovered them, and their customer service is excellent as well.”

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