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With Dial800, every call and customer interaction goes further.

From our inbound and outbound call tracking to voice analytics using AI, custom call routing, complete business phone services, flexible data integrations and more, we give you the meaningful customer information your business needs to make data-driven decisions.

What is Dial800?

Dial800 offers responsive tracking, analytics and communication solutions for your business. Our services drive more calls and interactions, increase sales, and help you improve customer experience with your business.

With Dial800 you can set up and manage your own phone numbers, call routing, tracking, and reporting depending on how your business handles calls and what data you need.  Need help?  One of Dial800’s biggest advantage is our 24/7 personal support and experienced account managers available to answer your questions and provide expert guidance.

Our cloud-based program is divided into several key tools, based on their features and uses. Here we provide a quick overview of each one so you can gain a basic understanding of the Dial800 platform and then dive deeper into the features you need with our detailed articles.

In general, these are the steps you should take when setting up your Dial800 account, which are explained further in the Knowledge Base articles:

  1. Create your targets
  2. Create your groups
  3. Create your routing profiles
  4. Assign your toll-free number
  5. Create & customize your dashboard
  6. Build and review reports

CallView360® Tracking and Call Analytics

CallView360® gives you on-demand call tracking and reporting. With hundreds of data points to pull from you can create custom dashboards and reports to highlight the information most important to your business. Filter data in multiple ways to focus in one key data points and gain important insights from your tracking.

Learn more about these CallView360 topics:

AI Analytics

With built-in analytics powered by AI, it’s easy to understand and analyze your Dial800 call tracking data. This powerful software can track hundreds of data points, providing you all the information you need to evaluate how efficiently calls are converting to sales, how customers are responding to ads, which keywords are being used during calls with speech analytics, and much more. With this data you can better manage ad spend, keyword focus, improve digital marketing campaigns, and quickly respond to customer needs.

Learn more about AI Analytics topics:

AccuRoute® Call Routing

With AccuRoute you can easily handle inbound and outbound calls and manage your call flow. AccuRoute allows you create routing rules and manage call queues, all custom designed to meet your business needs. From simple routing with a few agents in a round-robin group to multi-location call centers with several layers of call routing rules based on location and time of day, AccuRoute helps your calls get to the right place.

Learn more about these AccuRoute topics:

Data Integrations

With our open API framework, Dial800 can easily integrate with other platforms your business uses including Google, Netsuite, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. These integrations allow you to pull data into Dial800, or push Dial800 data into other platforms. Having all your data in one spot makes it easier to evaluate, compare, and properly attribute your data, giving you a comprehensive look at your business.

Learn more about these Dial800 integration topics:

BizCloud® Business Phone Services

In addition to memorable toll free phone numbers and call tracking, Dial800 can set up your entire business phone system using flexible cloud-based solutions. BizCloud business phone services include internet-based VoIP using hosted PBX technology systems so you can connect to your business phone system from anywhere, along with BizCloud Talk for inbound and outbound calls and BizCloud Meetings for connecting your team.

Learn more about these BizCloud topics:

RapidRecall® Toll Free Numbers

A memorable business phone number is key to customers being able to easily call you. Whether it’s a traditional 1-800 toll free number or a vanity number that ties into your business, Dial800 has all the toll free and local numbers your business needs.

Learn more about these RapidRecall topics:

Each of these categories introduces you to a specific section of Dial800’s software, highlighting the most useful features to get you started. Detailed step-by-step articles are available for clients as they set up their software. If you have questions or need help, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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