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The Power of Dynamic Tracking Numbers

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Your website, your landing pages for organic and paid traffic, your digital marketing ads online – all these sources drive traffic to your business and generate sales. But do you know what path people took to get from an ad to placing an order on your site?

With dynamic tracking numbers from Dial800 and our detailed CallView360® reporting, you can accurately track and attribute this traffic!

Why You Should Use Dynamic Tracking Numbers

Every business should have a toll-free or local number for customers to contact them, but you should also have specialized tracking numbers if you want to improve your digital marketing results.

These dynamic tracking numbers are automatically inserted into your website and landing pages to collect digital marketing attribution data for insights into your marketing campaign performance. This Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) process helps Dial800 track your customer activity – learn more about how DNI works.

Dial800 makes it easy to set up dynamic tracking with groups of numbers you can reserve through your CallView360® account, with the option to easily add numbers when you want to set up more tracking. In addition to the standard call tracking information you rely on in CallView360®, dynamically tracked numbers give you additional insights and attributions.

Where Can You Use Dynamic Tracking Numbers?

Our flexible script allows you to dynamically insert numbers on any website or landing page.

When reporting on dynamic tracking numbers, Dial800 has many data points that are displayed within the web tags feature. The data our clients find the most helpful include:

  • Online channel source (organic vs PPC, social media, referral, direct, and affiliate programs, etc.)
  • PPC campaign adgroup, keywords, and more
  • Landing page on your site
  • Landing page that generated the call conversion
  • URL Parameter Tracking

With this information from your digital marketing efforts, you can get a more complete picture of which ads are driving traffic and increasing sales. You can evaluate ad spend and ROI, and better allocate resources to the keywords and ads that are high performing.

With Dial800, every call goes further with meaningful data and analytics. If you have any questions about dynamic tracking numbers, you can contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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