Call Tracking Enhances Response Reliability

What is RoundTrip®?

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RoundTrip® from Dial800 is a unique type of integration, designed to pull data from multiple sources and compile a report using all those data points. Popular with businesses who manage multiple offices set up with their own sales software, CRM program, and reporting styles, RoundTrip gives you a clearer view of your call data.

How Does RoundTrip Help?

Having a unified source for reporting like RoundTrip has several benefits:

  • Merging data into one platform that formats and displays the data uniformly makes it easier to compare data from different programs
  • Save time & money by integrating data the way you need without fully replacing your entire sales or CRM program
  • RoundTrip reports also make qualification and compensation based on call results fairer because everyone is evaluated using the same data set

Using Dial800’s open API, you can integrate all of your systems or programs that handle calls and create a merged, customizable report.

RoundTrip allows you to select the data you’ll push out of Dial800 including the caller’s name and number, the target, call start date and time. Next, you’ll designate the data pulling into Dial800, such as items the caller purchased, talk times, call statuses, and more. These can be pulled in automatically or added using RoundTrip tags.

In addition to setting up RoundTrip through real-time API integration, RoundTrip also allows for FTP transmissions.

Using RoundTrip with Call Centers

Call center logs can be especially complicated to review, full of call-tagging codes and caller data saved in multiple spots. Our RoundTrip system delivers calls to the call center then retrieves the end results of the calls, including revenue earned, and consolidates the complete data of every call into one standardized reporting for easier analysis.

This process is extremely helpful if your business manages call centers in different locations, using different programs that may not easily share data. By bringing the information from every location into a centralized reporting system, Dial800 helps businesses more clearly see the calls flowing into their call centers and how they are handled.

If you have questions about how RoundTrip might work for your business, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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