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CallView360® is the data central of Dial800. This is where you set up phone call tracking, compile data points, and analyze that data – data that helps you review marketing campaign performance, sales and revenue growth, evaluate the efficiency of your ads in driving traffic, response and sales, track call metrics like call time and incomplete calls, and more.

Why Track Data with CallView360?

Everyone has access to a lot of data surrounding their business today. Dial800 not only collects hundreds of data points, it can also integrate data to and from your other programs to provide comprehensive and valuable insights in one spot.

Dial800 is a well-known partner in the direct response industry for large volume media response tracking. Our roots are in traditional advertising tracking and being the bridge between response and call center handling.

More than ever, though, digital marketing is a growing force as more consumers spend their time online and businesses shift to ecommerce and a stronger online presence. Digital ads on social media, on the websites they visit, and search results pages help promote your business to new and loyal customers.

Are you tracking and attributing the calls and sales you get from these ads to the proper channels?

With Dial800 you can see:

  • Customer level data including how frequently a specific person calls, why they call, what they purchase, their location & more
  • Which of your direct response and digital ads drive traffic and calls to your business based on unique tracking numbers you can assign to every offline and online channel
  • Patterns in keyword use from customers calling your business, giving you real-time insights into their interests & needs

To get this type of information, CallView360 tracks hundreds of data points. You can see call counts and minutes, revenue, closed calls, call status, incomplete calls, text messages, agent queues, and more with custom dashboards within Dial800’s software. Create reports to review and analyze data in more detail, or push Dial800 data into your CRM or sales software to compare with data there.

Call Tracking & Analytics Options

With hundreds of data points to track, you can find any detail you need. The most popular ones include:

  • Call volume by campaign
  • PPC ad keyword & adgroup
  • Organic, referral & social data
  • Landing page they entered your site on
  • The last page they were on before calling
  • Caller location for geo-targeted campaign information
  • Sales conversions associated with campaigns

Using DNI for Digital Attribution

You want to gather important digital data points connected to successful calls, but how do you do it? By using DNI – Dynamic Number Insertion.

DNI allows you to take a group of unique tracking phone numbers from Dial800 and automatically insert them onto your website and landing pages, triggering CallView360 to track the caller’s information when they call using that unique phone number.

This allows CallView360 to attribute the call (and any associated sales) with the specific ad so you can evaluate ROI and increase or decrease marketing spend based on performance.

Learn more about DNI and Web Tags in this article.

Voice Analytics AI for Keyword Tracking

Voice Analytics AI is our artificial intelligence program that uses speech analytics to evaluate calls, identify and report on keyword use, and rate the mood of callers as well as evaluate call recordings and transcripts.

Although not an essential feature to set up when you’re just getting started with CallView360, features like Voice Analytics AI are how Dial800 helps your business get better data so you can make more informed decisions. It helps you spot patterns in keyword usage and caller sentiment, letting you respond faster and more accurately to changing customer needs.

Learn more about Voice Analytics AI from Dial800.

Setting up your CallView360 account will vary depending on the tracking and reporting you want – this Knowledge Base provides a solid foundation for understanding your options. If you have questions or need help with CallView360, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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