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Quick Guide to the BizCloud® Setup Process

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Because it is more affordable and flexible, many businesses are moving away from traditional phone systems and replacing them with cloud-based solutions. BizCloud®, Dial800’s business phone solution, helps your business gain all the benefits of a modern phone system:

  • More flexibility to add new phone lines, numbers, extensions & phones whenever they are needed
  • Lower costs because you don’t need to install phone lines or cables
  • Easy remote access for remote employees, when traveling & businesses with multiple locations

Interested in getting BizCloud® for your workplace? This is what to expect with the setup process.

What is a BizCloud® VoIP Business Phone System?

BizCloud® is Dial800’s newest business communication tool for small to medium clients looking for the flexibility and freedom of cloud based phone system.

Dial800’s BizCloud® products include:

Step 1: Choose Your BizCloud® Plan

You have three BizCloud® plans to choose from, depending on your business needs.

Basic VoIP Phone System

  • Entry-level plan at $200 per month
  • Includes 5,000 minutes
  • 5 phone extensions with business texting
  • Includes basic CallView360®, BizCloud® TALK softphone, team messaging & video calls

Power VoIP Phone System

Includes all Basic plan features, plus:

  • Mid-level plan for most businesses at $425 per month
  • 15,000 minutes
  • 15 phone extensions
  • BizCloud® MEET virtual meetings
  • Power CallView360®

Enterprise VoIP Phone System

Also includes all Basic plan features, plus:

  • Advanced plan for larger businesses at $650 per month
  • 30,000 minutes
  • 30 phone extensions
  • Enterprise CallView360®

Visit the Dial800 Pricing page to see the full details of each BizCloud® plan. You can also customize your plan with extra features including addition extensions, call recording, and extra minutes.

Step 2: Meet with Your BizCloud® Onboarding Team

Once you sign up for your BizCloud® account, you will receive a welcome email from your Onboarding Team to begin the process. During this step, your Onboarding Team will need to gather important information about your business phone system. This information will be used to create a system unique to your needs.

You may be asked to provide things like:

  • How many business phone lines you need
  • Your current business phone numbers & extensions, and do any need to be ported into Dial800?
  • Your current phone call routing, and any changes you want to make
  • Which types of phones (office phones, softphones, etc.) you plan to use to connect to the phone system
  • Your current phone provider, Internet provider, and who handles your local network

During your meetings with the Onboarding Team you can discuss these questions and more in detail to understand why we need the information and how it will help with creating the new VoIP phone system. After meeting and gathering all the necessary information, your Onboarding Team will create a project plan and overview of setup and installation timeline.

Step 3: Set Up Your BizCloud® System

Most of the work during setup is done by your BizCloud® Onboarding Team on our side, although your company will need to handle some parts. You can learn more about setting up a VoIP system here.

Setting up a new system can be fairly straight forward or complicated, depending on what your business needs. Our team may need additional information from you as they set up the system.

Step 4: Launch Your BizCloud® System & Start Calling!

Finally, once the system is set up, you are ready to start receiving and making calls on your new BizCloud® business phone system!

If you have any questions about how to upgrade your business to a cloud based phone system, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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