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Easily Host Virtual Meetings with
BizCloud® MEET

A new service from Dial800, BizCloud® MEET is the easiest way to stay connected through virtual meetings and video calls. Connect with remote employees, easily meet with offices in other locations, and host virtual events with customers on your own hosted meeting rooms.

With BizCloud® MEET you can easily combine your business video calls and virtual conferences with your existing Dial800 call tracking and analytics platform.

BizCloud® MEET can be included as part of a BizCloud® VoIP plan, or purchased as a standalone software program.

Benefits of Remote Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are an essential alternative to in-person meetings, used by many industries. From telehealth to online conferences, video calls and virtual meetings allow us to connect even when we’re spread around the world.

Who Uses Video Calls?

Especially in today’s tech savvy world, virtual video meetings and calls are used for:

  • Temporary or permanent WFH employees
  • Remote work meetings for teams in multiple offices
  • Virtual meetings while traveling or out of the office
  • Convenient alternatives to in-person meetings when travel isn’t an option
  • Job interviews and informational sessions
  • And more!

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