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BizCloud® VoIP SoftPhone

Easily connect to your business phone system with BizCloud® browser-based softphone, included with every BizCloud® account.

  TALK Softphone

Connect with BizCloud® TALK Softphone

Stay connected from anywhere with BizCloud® TALK, Dial800’s newest web-based softphone.

With BizCloud® TALK it’s easy to log in from any web browser to take calls and texts when you’re out of the office, remote working, or traveling.

Bizcloud TALK Softphone

Benefits of BizCloud® TALK

BizCloud® TALK is easy to use on any device – Because it doesn’t require any software, special equipment or devices, BizCloud® TALK is a great way to quickly access your business extension to receive and make calls and texts to your customers, as well as communicate with your teams. Just go to and log in with your TALK account.

BizCloud® TALK integrates seamlessly – calls made with BizCloud® TALK are automatically part of Dial800’s call tracking and analytics platforms so you get all the data insights for every call! All the data from your BizCloud® TALK calls flow right into Dial800 so you can instantly see all the important tracking and analytics.

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