BizCloud® Solutions

Moving your business communications to a cloud-based system has never been easier.

BizCloud® by Dial800 provides quick, easy, and affordable solutions to managing calls and team communication from any location.

Your new VoIP solutions are all powered by Dial800’s robust call tracking, analytics, and reporting platforms. So not only are you connecting with your customers, you’re also optimizing every interaction for maximum results.

Web-Based Softphone

Send and receive calls and texts, video, team chat and more!

Office Phone Systems

Cloud-based communications tools that scale with your business needs.

Virtual Meetings Tool

Connect with your teams live using MEET for video, conferencing and screen sharing.

SIP Trunk Lines with Built-In Tracking & Analytics

Keep your phone system and convert to efficient BizCloud® for delivering calls via Dial800 SIP.

Key Features and Benefits

See how BizCloud® cloud-based communications can help your business stay connected

Benefits of BizCloud®

When choosing a VoIP phone system, there are many options available. BizCloud® gives you simple and straightforward solutions all on the backbone of Dial800’s advanced analytics platform to help you get the most out of your communication platform.

And because we know that no 2 companies are alike, our BizCloud® team is here to help you along the way to create the best business phone system for your company’s needs.

  • Cloud-Based, Secure & Flexible


    VoIP based business phone systems give you high-quality, flexible access to talk and text with your customers and teams.

    Take advantage of our 30 years of cloud-based and telcecom experience to ensure your business is running without interruptions, no matter your location.

  • Support from the BizCloud® Team


    Our priority is customer focused, going above and beyond. The BizCloud® team works with you during the onboarding process to design, set up, and launch your new system. Our customer care team is always just a phone call or email away.

    And depending on the plan you’ve selected, dedicated account managers will proactively analyze your activity and recommend how you can best leverage Dial800’s solutions to optimize your BizCloud® system.

  • Optimize Every Interaction


    BizCloud® integrates automatically with every tool within the Dial800 platform, giving you a step-by-step view and results of every interaction with your company. This helps you see the complete lifecycle of your calls including call tracking, analytics, and routing for end-to-end call management.

4 Steps to your new BizCloud® System

BizCloud® has a plan that works for any size company and team, all backed by a powerful tracking and analytics platofrm, and supported by our US-based BizCloud® onboarding and support teams.

Step 1

Choose the best BizCloud® Plan for your team.

Step 2

Meet with your new BizCloud® onboarding team.

Step 3

Set up call flows and team extensions.

Step 4

Test and launch your new BizCloud® system!

BizCloud® Plans

BasicVoIP phone system


Billed monthly

  • 5,000 minutes
  • 5 extensions
  • Basic CallView360®
  • Texting Enabled
  • TALK SoftPhone
  • Team Messaging
  • Video Calls
  • Call Queues
  • Office & SoftPhone Compatible

PowerVoIP phone system


Billed monthly

Includes All Basic Features PLUS

  • 15,000 minutes
  • 15 extensions
  • Business Texting
  • MEET - Virtual Meetings

EnterpriseVoIP phone system


Billed monthly

Includes All Basic Features PLUS

  • 30,000 minutes
  • 30 extensions
  • Business Texting
  • MEET - Virtual Meetings