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Agency Partners

Give your clients big results when you use the Dial800 platform to track & measure campaign performance.


Agencies are a performance-based industry that need to provide the newest, most innovative solutions for their clients, as well as consistently show improved performance. By analyzing data, accurately attributing leads and sales to ads, and tracking consumer behavior to measure the ROI of each campaign, agencies evaluate what marketing performs best for their brands.

Dial800 is pleased to be a solution and a partner to our agency clients. Agency partners include: Direct response, digital, marketing, media, back end services, and e-commerce. See our client use cases below to learn more!

With Dial800’s communication tools & tracking, now your agency can:

  • Increase clients’ inbound calls through RapidRecall toll free numbers – increase inbound call volume by 25%-69% with easy-to-recall toll free & tracking numbers
  • Ensure inbound leads are handled with both speed and efficiency using skill-based call routing
  • Measure media performance with built-in CallView360° call tracking software
  • Build unique reports, KPI dashboards, and AI-powered analytics for each client account

When you’re ready, setup is quick and easy – within a day you’ll be driving calls to your numbers!

Talk with Dial800 about the Best Ways to Drive More Calls

Meet with a Dial800 Account Manager for a personalized review of our tools, reports, and analytics to optimize your campaigns:

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    Legal Media & Ad Agency

    OpenJar Concepts

    Uses call routing and number tags in legal ad campaigns to manage complex routing groups for sub accounts; integrates call data to verify monthly used minutes.

    Automotive Marketing Agency

    G4 Media

    Uses call tracking and dedicated tracking numbers to measure client marketing campaigns, driving better response rates & higher ROI.

    Ad Agency

    DX Media Direct

    Uses tracking phone numbers to measure client marketing campaigns and evaluate ROI. Easily manages client sub accounts, including usernames and passwords, and creates custom reports.

    Marketing Agency

    Inbound Prospect

    Routes clients to different call centers based on specified caller criteria using advanced call routing rules and CRM integrations.

    Direct Mail Agency


    Use remote decision routing to check matching contact within CRM system to instantly route the caller to the agent assigned to their matching promotion.


    Uses inbound call routing with customizable rules that include geo-based matching to send calls to the closest location based on their area code.

    Marketing & Advertising Agency

    Uses customized call flows with routing rules based on the time of day, automatically sending inbound calls to different groups and targets for better phone coverage.

    Marketing & Advertising

    Uses zip code routing across the United States and Canada, sending calls simultaneously to multiple locations for faster response times.

    Mail Marketing

    Uses KPI dashboards to see key data points including campaigns, call volume, minutes per call, and more.

    Marketing & Communication Software

    Dial800 Advertising

    Uses DNI to identify top converting paid search ads, landing pages, and keywords to focus marketing spend on the campaigns that generate the most calls.