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Automotive media agency improves client sales & campaign ROI using better call tracking data

G4 Media, an automotive marketing services agency, works with dealerships across the country to craft and implement high-value marketing campaigns that drive new car sales. To out-perform industry standards, G4 requires a highly flexible partner for tracking every call into their client dealerships.

Providing Real-Time Access for All Client Accounts

Before switching to Dial800, G4 used another call tracking service – but they didn’t make hands-on management easy. The service would occasionally send them calls to review but they were restricted from logging in and accessing calls themselves, making it difficult to verify data or make account changes.

When they moved to Dial800, it was important that G4 would have access to every part of the system from purchasing new tracking phone numbers and setting up call routing, creating reports, and exporting data after each campaign ends.

Improving Management and Reporting

“We have a lot of campaigns to manage, a lot of data to gather and review – how do we break it out, prove we’re working for our clients?” asks Paul Yeafoli, Advertising Media Consultant at G4.

With CallView360® tracking every call, it’s easier than ever to measure campaign success by knowing who, when, and why leads are calling. What type of data can G4 see with call tracking?

  • Number of calls to specific numbers
  • Call durations
  • Caller locations
  • Call routing path
  • Sales driven by calls
  • And more

Easy Online & Remote Accessibility

The personal campaign management G4 provides helps to set them apart from other agencies – the team is constantly accessing client accounts to spot check calls for accurate routing, call quality, and to ensure calls are being handled correctly.

And with call recording, G4 agents can download any concerning calls to send to clients for review, improving customer service and sales processes.

Even when out of the office, Dial800’s responsive software allows G4 team members to log on using their phone or laptop if last-minute campaign problems come up. “It’s very turn-key for us – it’s easy to add new accounts, new campaigns, new numbers.”

Customer Behavior Insights: Local vs 800 Numbers

One of Yeafoli’s biggest lessons based on their campaign data from CallView360®? The importance of local numbers!

“When I use an 800 number it doesn’t sound as personalized with the local markets I’m targeting. If you use an 800 number they’re much less likely to call, but with the same area code it’s really important. Florida, Ohio, wherever – and it has been really easy to get these when we need them.”

Using RapidRecall®, G4 can get local numbers for each client campaign with the built-in tracking they need.

Better Campaign Measurement Tools

Paul Yeafoli, G4 Advertising Media Consultant

Call tracking records are more than a list of phone numbers; they provide essential data for campaign tracking and ROI measurements. Caller data helps agencies build more accurate customer profiles based on real customer calling and purchase behaviors. It also helps G4 answer important questions when measuring campaign success:

  • Why do these leads call?
  • What types of ads are they responding to?
  • What are they purchasing?

Call recordings are used again for measuring campaign success. Recording from the moment the phone starts ringing, they capture everything said so G4’s team can identify keywords and action triggers on calls, assess caller moods, and more.

And using those call recordings, G4 has one more important step for each campaign before it’s closed.

Using Data to Optimize Conversions

“At the end of the campaign,” Yeafoli explains, “I print off all of the calls and I send them to the client, and I just ask them to have somebody call every single one of these people whether they made their appointments or not, whether they came in or not, whether they bought a car or not, whether they did anything or not – have them call so that they can do a customer care follow-up.”

What comes from these extra reports and calls? Client’s average two or three more cars sold, bringing in extra sales that would have been lost without G4’s diligence.

Industry-Leading Results & Future Performance

The time and research G4 puts into these campaigns has a large impact on client ROI – in an industry that generally averages 1% response rates, G4 sees a response rate of two or three times that. They know these dealerships only get one contact with the potential customer before they make a choice, and they need to guarantee the calls driven by their campaigns are handled correctly.

But the call tracking and monitoring work G4 performs with CallView360 doesn’t stop when the campaign ends. The numbers stay turned on, and for several weeks or months calls continue to come in. “I’ll go back and look at a client that hasn’t run a campaign for two months and we can still see trickle in calls of 20-30 calls coming in,” Yeafoli says. “Not having you guys on board would be a detriment to my business. Not having a local number would be a detriment.”

With the essential tracking numbers, call routing, and caller data Dial800 provides, G4 will continue to deliver powerful campaign results and higher profits for their clients.

See how Dial800’s tracking and analytics can help your business – schedule a demo today:

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