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The New BizCloud® TALK Softphone Option

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Whether it’s staying connected to the office during a business trip or remote workers getting added to your system, flexible phone systems and business communication is a top priority for today’s businesses. The newest tool from Dial800 helps you create the web-based alternative you need.

Why Choose a Flexible Softphone?

Remote workers and businesses with multiple offices have always needed easy, flexible ways to stay connected. With more workers choosing to work remotely while on vacation or traveling, ways of connecting that don’t rely on a traditional phone hardwired at a cubical desk are growing more important.

Your employees can take calls on their cell phones, but then you miss out on important call tracking and analytics. The solution? BizCloud TALK, an internet-based program you can log into from anywhere using a computer or smartphone!

BizCloud TALK Key Features

With Dial800’s new BizCloud TALK program you get:

  • Flexible internet browser-based softphone so users can log in from anywhere
  • Dedicated four-digit extensions for each user
  • Inbound & outbound phone calls & video calls
  • Text messaging & chatting
  • Voicemail with easy online access
  • Easy to search contacts, recent calls & recent chats

BizCloud TALK works seamlessly with Dial800’s tracking, analytics, and other BizCloud services. Calls made through BizCloud TALK are tracked and analyzed like any other Dial800 phone number, giving your business all the insights and information you rely on from CallView360®.

And you can manage the routing of your BizCloud VoIP phone system and TALK accounts in AccuRoute® like you handle existing Dial800 toll free numbers too!

Bundling BizCloud TALK and the VoIP business phone system within your existing Dial800 tracking and analytics account saves you time and money. Want to discuss how BizCloud TALK could work for your business? Contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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