Call Tracking Enhances Response Reliability

Why Integrate with HubSpot?

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HubSpot is a powerful tool for managing marketing, sales, and customer relationships for your business. You can easily create custom emails and landing pages, create contact lists, schedule social media posts, and more.

To get a complete view of all your customer interactions in one spot for easier review, integrate your Dial800 data with HubSpot.

Why Integrate Your Dial800 Data with HubSpot?

Knowing when and why you’ve communicated with customers has many benefits:

  • By using unique tracking numbers from Dial800 for landing pages and digital marketing, you can track which campaigns had the most calls and sales
  • Knowing which pages or campaign a customer saw also lets your sales reps know what the customer is interested in
  • You can see when customers have called before and what their activity has been, giving your agents a better understanding of the customer

Integrating Dial800 & HubSpot

The more detailed your customer records are, the better your employees can address a customer’s needs and questions – and by integrating Dial800 with HubSpot, you give yourself more data points.

With Dial800’s open API framework you can integrate data into HubSpot in several ways. This allows you to see the caller’s name and number, their location, what time they called, what marketing campaigns they have called from, what keywords were spoken during their conversation with your agents, their call routing history, read a transcript or the call or listen to a recording, and more.

Basic integrations between Dial800 and HubSpot can be set up by your business, or you can contact our experts for advanced integration support. Need help integrating Dial800 and your HubSpot accounts? Contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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