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Setting Up Data Integration For Google Analytics

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This article walks you through the steps to integrate your Dial800 call data to Google Analytics using a Real-Time Event integration. This allows you to easily tie successful call conversions to Google Analytics and Google Ads for better reporting.

Before you begin, you need to have an active Google Analytics account. To set one up, if you do not have one already, please visit If you already have an account, make sure you are logged in.

There are a few easy steps to setting up this integration:

How Does Google Analytics Help Track Your inbound call Data?

Google Analytics utilizes a unique tracking identifier, the GCLID, to track every unique website visitor.

When a customer visits your website, the Dial800 DNI script automatically gathers the website visitor’s GCLID along with other digital attribution data points. The script simultaneously displays a dynamic tracking number on your webpage in place of the static number listed.

By using a DNI number you can gather all the valuable online visitor data of those users that called your business. You then set up filters only include those that are qualified call conversions and push the call conversions back into your Google Analytics 4 account to analyze call conversions with your other website data analytics, and ultimately import those conversions into your Google Ads accounts to fine-tune your search ppc campaigns for the best converting audience.

Google Integration Pre-Step – DNI

Before you begin the integration process for Google Analytics, you need to set up DNI on your website. If you already have this, you can continue to the next step.

If you do not have DNI set up, please follow the directions in this DNI setup guide.

Set Up Your Data Integration with Google Analytics 4

Once DNI is set-up and functioning on your website, you can now create your real-time event. Within Dial800, real-time events provide an open API interface to deliver a constant feed of call information to any endpoint you choose, including Google Analytics. You can integrate this data into Google Analytics as an Event, helping you tie call data as conversions, and ad campaigns within Google Ads.

Visit the Setting Up DNI Integrations with Google Analytics 4 article for a complete set of instructions.


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