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Setting Up BizCloud® VoIP Phone System

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Dial800’s BizCloud® business phone services are the secure cloud-based features your business needs to stay connected. If your business needs a flexible phone system, a Dial800 VoIP Phone System is the cloud-based solution for you.

Why Use the BizCloud VoIP Phone System?

By using a cloud-based phone system, you are shifting your business communications and phones to an online format, reducing business expenses on software and hardware for traditional phone systems. In addition to cost savings, a VoIP phone system allows your employees to work efficiently from virtually any location (increasingly necessary with the growing number of permanently remote or partially remote workers).

And if you are already using Dial800 for your business phone numbers, call routing, and call tracking, you can roll one more business program into your existing services so everything is managed in one place and with one vendor.

Setting Up a New VoIP Phone System

Your VoIP phone system project is managed by the BizCloud onboarding team. Getting your new phone system set up involves a few steps:

  1. Review & choose the BizCloud plan that best fits your company needs
  2. Meet with your BizCloud onboarding team to provide information on your current phone system & new BizCloud system
  3. Set up your new phone system including call routing and team extensions
  4. Test and launch your new BizCloud VoIP phone system!

The information our team will need to set up your VoIP phone system successfully covers a wide range of topics including basic company information, business phone number information, and system needs. Expect to answer questions such as:

  • Do you currently have business phone numbers with Dial800? Do you need to purchase new phone numbers, or port over numbers into Dial800?
  • Who is your current VoIP and SIP provider? Who is your current phone service provider?
  • Do you use traditional desktop phones, softphones, a combination of the two, or something else?
  • What is your current call routing system? What do you want to change about it?

VoIP Phone Systems

The initial VoIP phone system setup will be done by BizCloud, during the onboarding phase, using information determined from the pre-setup evaluation. Setup steps include:

  1. Creating your required number of extensions
  2. Setting up your new Softphone applications or BizCloud compatible office phones for each BizCloud extension
  3. Setting up optional SMS enabled phone numbers for each extension
  4. Creating BizCloud TALK softphone accounts for each extension to access phone system via any web browser
  5. Confirming extra features such as 911 registration and voicemail boxes

Dial800’s VoIP phone system is a semi-managed phone system. Depending on the plan you select, we will add new lines, register devices, and create new user extensions as your needs grow in the future but you can update routing, assign extensions to employees, and manage the way calls are handled within the Dial800 platform.

Every BizCloud extension includes a voicemail box for added convenience – learn more about voicemail and how to access it.

Dial800 Call Routing Setup

Once the initial VoIP phone system is in place, your call routing and other features in AccuRoute® can be set up.

After your extensions are created and office phone / softphones configured during the set-up phase, we recommend following this order for setting up call routing. You can set these up yourself, or work with your BizCloud team onboarding team.

  1. Build all call queues and groups
  2. Adjust time-of-day routing settings
  3. Record and upload any audio recordings, if applicable
  4. Assign time-out decisions
  5. Create your routing profiles
  6. Assign your Dial800 toll free and local numbers to your profiles
  7. The BizCloud team can also enable and setup enhanced services if you need, including music on hold, callback opt-out, and more

At this point your VoIP business phone system will be created and ready to go live! If you have any more questions or are ready to start your BizCloud onboarding, you can contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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