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Why Add Business Texting to Your Dial800 Numbers?

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Business texting with Dial800 gives your customers another way of connecting to your company, in addition to phone calls and email. By providing a convenient way of contacting you, customers can continue to engage with your business and increase their brand loyalty.

Texting has become increasingly popular with just about everyone. Texts are easy to send and receive from any cell phone, and they provide an additional way to access and connect to your company.

Business texting is often used for:

  • Confirming appointment details
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Sending coupon and promo information
  • Answering customer service questions
  • And more

Used in industries as diverse as healthcare, retail, and fitness, business texting is the future your customers are waiting for.

Using Business Texting with Dial800

Within Dial800, text messaging is enabled through AccuRoute® and included in CallView360® reports. It’s also available with our BizCloud business phone services.

There are several ways you can track and report on your business text messages:

  • The Texting screen built into CallView360, which shows all your current texting conversations and has multiple filter options
  • Assign a voice tagging profile to your texting numbers to analyze text messages
  • Create custom reports in CallView360 to track and analyze your texting conversations
  • Create BizCloud VoIP phone system extensions and give your teams instant access to make and receive calls and texts with customers

Any Dial800 toll free number can become text enabled, contact your Account Manager to learn more. Dial800’s business texting services is for personalized 1-to-1 communication and is not a tool for mass outbound messages.

Want to discuss how text messaging would work for your business? Contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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