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What is AccuRoute®?

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Handle all your inbound calls with AccuRoute®, our customizable call routing software that lets you control the routing rules and profiles.

AccuRoute’s intelligent call routing system can handle small businesses directing calls to local reps or call centers with thousands of calls from customers across the country. This flexibility to create and manage your call flow allows your business to quickly react to changing call volume and customer needs.

AccuRoute Key Features & Options

With AccuRoute you can easily set up call routing rules and create new profiles whenever you need them. AccuRoute features that will help you manage your phone system include:

  • Multiple Routing Options – With AccuRoute you can route calls based on caller location, agent availability, and more with 20+ preconfigured routing rules
  • Unlimited Routing Profiles – Set up as many call flows as your business needs, there’s no limits on your profiles and routing rules
  • Agent Queues – Easily handle multiple calls and distribute them to your agents
  • Call Routing Open API – Import and export call data, routing rules, and call results from other software applications your business uses to influence your routing profiles

The articles within the Dial800 Knowledge Center will help you understand the different ways you can use AccuRoute. With many customizable options, AccuRoute call flows and routing can be set up and used with virtually limitless combinations – if you have questions or need help, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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