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AccuRoute® is Dial800’s powerful, customizable call routing software. With AccuRoute you can create and update your call routing in just a few clicks. Whether you have a small office focused on local sales, you need to manage a national network of locations, or need to route to multiple call centers, Dial800 makes it easy to optimize your call flow.

What Can You Do with AccuRoute?

Our AccuRoute software is how you control where inbound calls go and how they are handled. With AccuRoute you can manage:

  • Options & configurations of your toll-free and local numbers
  • Tagging for numbers, targets and routing
  • Call routing rules & flows
  • Call queue options
  • Target destinations for routing calls
  • Distribution groups for inbound calls
  • Ring Pools for Dynamic number insertion
  • Audio files for call routing profiles
  • Blocked caller management
  • VIP Caller options
  • Music on Hold advertising settings

Routing Rules in AccuRoute

The first thing most of our clients set up in AccuRoute are their routing rules. Call routing is the key to properly managing business phone calls, and we offer multiple ways to set up your call flows.

This article outlines all the available call routing rules in AccuRoute if you want a more detailed understanding, but in general you can route calls based on three different factors:

  • Caller data including their caller ID, location, the time of day & even if they are calling on a smartphone or other type of device
  • Data you prompt the caller to enter, such as their zip code or account number
  • Group management such as simultaneous ring, percent allocation, round-robin & more

Many of our clients set up simple routing profiles, ringing to a single target. Other clients have hundreds of locations and thousands of agents taking calls with multiple layers of routing rules in place to distribute calls. No matter the size and scope of your call needs, optimized call management increases business performance.

Call Queue Management in AccuRoute

Once you know how you want to route calls, you need to set up queues to take the calls. This allows you to control how inbound calls are distributed to your team once you’ve routed a call.

This article outlines all the available call queue management options in AccuRoute in greater detail, but your call queue options include:

  • Ring all available agents
  • Ring the agent least recently on a call
  • Ring the agent with the fewest calls
  • Ring a random agent
  • Ring agents in a round-robin order, picking up where it last left off or starting at the top each time
  • Ring agents in the order they joined the queue
  • Ring agents in a random order

With AccuRoute call queue management you can also set up call back and opt-out options for callers, set a limit on the maximum number of callers allowed in the queue, set a maximum wait time, and more.

Once you have set up your routing rules and queue management systems, your basic AccuRoute features are done. You can set up more detailed features like hold music and how to handle blocked callers as needed, but your inbound calls are ready to flow where you need them.

With over 30 years experience in call routing and optimizing customer experience, our 24/7 customer service team is here to help you set up and manage the best call routing program for your business. Contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800 to learn more!

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