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Why Integrate with Netsuite?

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Netsuite is extremely powerful business software used for ecommerce, customer management, accounting, and more. Make your data in Netsuite more complete by integrating Dial800 customer communications.

Why Integrate Your Dial800 Data with Netsuite?

When looking at a customer record, you want to know when and why they have interacted with your business:

  • Was this a sales call, prompted by an advertisement or promotion?
  • If it was a sales call, what were they sold?
  • Is this a new lead, and how did they find your company?
  • How often does this customer call, and what do they call about?
  • How often do you reach out to this customer?

You can easily see a customer’s entire history in Netsuite – integrating Dial800 call data makes those customer records even more detailed and useful.

Integrating Dial800 & Netsuite

The Dial800 open API framework lets you set up data integrations based on the information you need such as the number called, the time and location, caller’s information, and more.

The more information you have on customer records, the better account managers and others can see when customers are being contacted and why. Has this customer been a longtime customer? Are they new, and could be upsold to other products? Do they have an older model and should be contacted about new features?

This customer-level overview is also useful when training or managing a high-touch account. Having that complete history also makes it easier to see exactly what the customer has done in the past at a glance so everyone is up-to-speed.

Dial800 offers several ways to integrate data into Netsuite depending on your business needs, giving you the flexibility to send the data you need when and how you want it. Need help integrating Dial800 and your Netsuite accounts? Contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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