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What is RapidRecall®?

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When your customers want to contact you, make it easy with a phone number they will remember. A RapidRecall® toll-free number from Dial800 can increase inbound leads by 25% or more for better ROI on your campaigns and advertising efforts!

Why Does Having a Memorable Number Matter to Your Business?

The easier you make it for customers to contact you with orders, questions, or support requests, the more you increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

A RapidRecall number from Dial800 gives you access to all our call tracking and analytics data. When a customer calls you using a Dial800 number, you’ll get instant insights from hundreds of data points including digital marketing performance and sales results.

While many businesses now also have an online sales model, there is always a need for questions and connections in real-time. These might include questions about products or services, changing account settings that require a call for security, technical support calls, and customers who prefer to place an order with a person instead of online.

Types of RapidRecall Toll Free Numbers

Dial800 makes it easy to select and activate a toll-free number for your business and add extra numbers to your existing account as your business needs grow and change. Browse our online database of toll free numbers, the largest online, so you can select the best number for your business.

Options include:

  • Toll-free numbers with prefixes including (800), (888), (877), (866), (855), (844) & (833)
  • Vanity phone numbers, where the numbers spell a word related to your brand like BUY-CARS
  • Repeater phone numbers, where an easily remembered number or pattern is repeated like 333-4444
  • Hybrid phone numbers, which have both numbers and a vanity word like 444-SALE
  • Bulk tracking numbers, for use in large media campaigns
  • Dynamic tracking numbers, for unique website visitor attribution

Want to learn more about RapidRecall memorable phone numbers? Contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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