Numeric 800 Numbers Drive Better Response: Case Study I

Numeric 800 Numbers Drive Better Response


Direct response marketers are interested in optimizing their campaigns. This study answers the question:

Do memorable toll-free numbers increase consumer response to short form direct response advertising?


Memorable toll-free numbers, for this study, are numbers with easy-to-remember digit sequences. Conversely, random toll-free numbers contain sequences that are more difficult to remember.


Three independent ad agencies ran a/b split tests comparing memorable with random toll-free numbers. The agencies bought short form :60 direct response TV or radio ads. Ad clearances and dollars spent were equitable between the toll-free numbers. Call counts were tracked at the switch level. Dollar results and lead verification was provided by the agencies after the campaigns were over.


Memorable toll-free numbers increased caller response to short- form direct response TV and radio ads between 25% and 69%.



Findings support the conclusion of research conducted by leading cognitive neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene. As cited by Malcolm Galdwell in his bestseller Outliers, Professor Dehaene’s research concludes that the average English speaker can recall a memory loop (time to repeat what was heard) that is about two seconds long. Therefore, memorable
800 numbers are an enormous advantage in marketing and increasing response rates.

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Case Study Conducted 6/2012