Benefits of RapidRecall® 800 Numbers

Increase Inbound Calls with REAL 800 Numbers

The right 800 numbers can increase your inbound call response by 25% or more. Dial800 gives you high-value true 800 numbers to deliver more calls from your campaigns.

When you are ready to optimize call marketing, your first course of action is to add 800 numbers to your campaigns. Having an 800 number has many advantages, the most obvious is that it increases your inbound calls. A good 800 number is the equivalent of having a memorable “.com” web address for your business – only better.

Amplify ROI

An 800 number that fits your brand, identity and marketing needs will increase leads to your business, which means better ROI for your Marketing dollar.

When you are engaged in multi-channel marketing campaigns, it can become increasingly difficult to know which campaigns are performing successfully. Having different 800 numbers associated with your campaigns will allow you to easily track the ROI for those efforts. The Dial800 team works with you to select best fit numbers to achieve optimum ROI for each campaign.

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Grow Your Brand

An 800 number is essential for your company. A highly memorable 800 number ensures that your customers easily remember and identify a phone number with your brand. The right RapidRecall® 800 number associated with your company reinforces your advertising, value proposition, and differentiation all at once.

Your 800 number should be on every piece of marketing you have, including your website. When you utilize a RapidRecall® 800 number, you always reinforce your brand awareness.

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Be Memorable

Research in cognitive memory reveals the average English speaker can only recall about two seconds of memory loop*. This explains why memorable toll free numbers that are easy to recall dramatically increase response.**

More Memorable = More Calls

Dial800 has the industry’s largest inventory of highly memorable 800 numbers proven to generate 25% or more phone calls when compared to random TFNs with no memorable sequences or rhythm.

*Malcolm Gladwell cites findings of research conducted by Professor Dehaene in his bestseller Outliers.
**Testing has shown up to 69% increase in call volume rates.

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Vanity Numbers

Vanity Numbers

Our 800 numbers, which increase leads or sales by 25% or more, are a proven way to grow your business. There are many different options for your marketing 800 number, including vanity numbers, repeater numbers, and hybrid numbers. If you are engaged in any marketing or advertising, getting the best 800 number is an essential tool to maximize your return on investment.

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Track Call Performance

Track your marketing efforts with CallView360®. Our highly memorable toll free numbers come with tracking built right in, so even if you can’t answer the phone, you never miss a call. CallView360® is included with every account.

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Choose Your Best Fit

RapidRecall® phone numbers are limited only by your imagination. When combining different prefixes, repeaters, and vanity options, the Dial800 team will be able to find a number that perfectly fits your business. An 800 number that fits your brand, identity and marketing needs will increase leads to your business, which means better ROI for your Marketing dollar.

  • REPEATER – A repeater 800 phone number is where some or all of the digits are repeated or combined in highly memorable patterns. Because of this, repeater numbers are extremely easy for consumers to recall. Repeater 800 numbers are simple to say and a great addition to any marketing campaign.

    With over 25 years of experience, Dial800 has created a proprietary algorithm to determine the memorability of any number based on criteria, not guesswork. This allows you to select the perfect RapidRecall® repeater 800 number that will work with your business.

  • HYBRID – Having an 800 number that is part repeater, part vanity is easy to remember, is simple to say, and will increase your inbound calls. The combination of hybrid 800 numbers is countless and experts at Dial800 can help you choose the best number for your campaign.

  • PREFIX OPTIONS – 800 numbers are not just easy to remember, they are the “default” of all of the toll free prefixes. Combine the power of this prefix with our proprietary RapidRecall® number algorithm to create something that is truly memorable. While we always recommend an 800 number wherever possible, Dial800 has many different prefixes available including (888), (877), (866), (855) and (844). Dial800 will work with you to ensure that you receive the toll free phone number that will be most effective for your business.

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Don’t just talk, text with your customers!

Now offering the newest feature from Dial800 – Now you can add texting to your toll free numbers!
Manage inbound texts just like live chat and give your clients a new way to reach you!
Ask our team how to activate toll free texting on your account!

Toll Free 800

Dial800’s “RapidRecall®” numbers are the industry’s largest bank of memorable toll free 800 numbers. Using our proprietary RapidRecall® algorithm, our numbers are easier to remember, which has been proven to increase inbound call volume. [Read Case Study]

Our 800 numbers increase inbound leads by 25% or more; proven to grow your business.

How It Works

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How to Use 800 Numbers

800 numbers increase your response regardless of the medium. Place our 800 numbers across all marketing channels: Website, TV, radio, print, billboard, social, email, PPC – anywhere you need customers to reach you.

Pick the Right Number Based on Your Goals

An 800 number can be used for many reasons including: Increasing sales, growing your brand, and tracking marketing ROI. Once you determine your goals with using a toll free 800 number, it becomes easier to figure out the type of 1-800 number to use. For example, a company looking to track ROI on 6 separate marketing campaigns will need 6 different toll free numbers, whereas someone engaging in only one form of marketing might need only one 800 number. If you are unsure of your goals or needs, our experts at Dial800 can walk you through the process to figure out the best options for you.

Choose Vanity, Repeater, Hybrid or Tracking numbers

Boldly brand your company with vanity numbers that match your brand and identity (ex; 1-800-Buy-Jeep). Repeater numbers (ex; 800-885-8888) keep your phones ringing by making your 800 number impossible to forget. Hybrid 800 numbers combine both repeater and vanity number features (800-2000-Buy). 1-800 numbers for tracking are standard numbers that can be assigned to each creative or media of your campaign to determine the efficacy of your spending. You can also use Repeaters or Hybrid numbers for tracking, which is your optimal choice for memorability and attribution.

Toll Free Numbers v. 800 Numbers

Aren’t all 8xx numbers the same? No! All Toll Free numbers are not created equal. The 800 prefix was the first and is still the mightiest of all Toll Free numbers. These are the default when dialing in the very same way that “.com” is the default prefix on the world wide web.

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