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With multiple channels and campaigns to manage, one consumer home & garden brand needed centralized call tracking to optimize marketing spend and campaign performance

Snow Joe, whose complementary brands include Sun Joe, Aqua Joe, Power Joe and Auto Joe, focuses on bringing innovative, eco-conscious and affordable battery and electric-powered home, lawn, garden, and outdoor tools to the consumer market.  Strategic management of shifting seasonal campaigns and sales is essential to reaching homeowners in their target markets.

With multiple channels to manage including their direct-to-consumer corporate websites, big box retail partners and their retail .com counterparts, and direct response TV (DRTV) marketing campaigns, Snow Joe needed a centralized system to easily track and manage the DRTV telesales component of their campaigns in order to optimize performance.

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The Necessity of Organized Campaign Management

Running a combination of digital and direct response TV ads, Snow Joe needed a single partner to combine phone number management, reporting, and call routing.

Dial800 provides Snow Joe with the toll-free numbers that are tagged in their campaigns, providing them with hundreds of call tracking data points and insights to measure campaign success.

Dial800’s CallView360® platform encourages clients to log in directly and manage their numbers and call routing, allowing the company to route the calls appropriately to different call centers. With this flexibility, Snow Joe’s team can also react instantly and reroute calls to prevent service disruptions at any one contact center from stopping customer calls from reaching a live agent.

Capitalizing on Calls for Better Campaign Results

Dial800’s numbers can be used for a wide range of campaigns including digital ads, PPC and organic ads, social channels, television, and more to drive inbound call leads.

“Calls are still important to a successful DRTV campaign – driving to digital is great, but customers still want to talk to an expert over the phone to get answers immediately rather than buy online,” explains Lauren Sahalon, VP of Special Projects at Snow Joe. “Dial800 provides a robust telesales vehicle for capturing phone revenue that may have otherwise been lost. We want to ensure that we meet the customer at all touchpoints during their purchase consideration, whether via chat, online or on the phone.”

By looking at the leads and ROI for each channel, Snow Joe could see that the phone calls driven by their campaigns were a valuable component of their marketing mix. “Being able to partner with several dedicated call centers and Dial800 for tracking has shown us that there is a dedicated customer base who wants to talk to us. And, we want to talk to them.”

The Dial800 application makes it easy to meet those customers where they most prefer to interact with brands. “If a client is looking to embark on performance-based direct response marketing, Dial800 should definitely be in the mix,” Sahalon recommends.

Unique & Memorable Numbers for the Competitive Edge

Lauren Sahalon, Snow Joe VP of Special Projects

But how do customers remember a business phone number to call them? Dial800 offers RapidRecall® toll free and memorable numbers – these include vanity and repeater numbers that are easier to remember and dial than numbers that are a random mix of numbers.

By placing these memorable numbers in their ads, Snow Joe increases inbound leads and ultimately drives more conversions.

Snow Joe also tests out number types and placement to see which ones drive the highest conversions. Anything they can do to improve results, even by half a percentage, results in more leads and revenue; with the flexibility of the Dial800 platform they can log in at any time to make these changes and analyze the results.

Relying on Account Manager Relationships

Sahalon and her team have come to rely on the advice of Dial800’s experts. “There are a lot of puzzle pieces that must fit together seamlessly in order to scale a successful direct response TV campaign. Having an account manager who understands all those pieces and is aligned with the success of your company is critical.”

With years of experience, Dial800’s Account Managers are dedicated to the success of each client and can provide tips and insights to help businesses like Snow Joe succeed.

With the help of Dial800’s memorable numbers and user-friendly platform, Snow Joe will continue capitalizing on every call and conversation driven by their campaigns.

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