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Health & Wellness

Dial800 brings success to companies in many industries, our most popular are listed below

Health & Wellness Call Tracking

Health and fitness products often require the human touch and a high degree of emotional intelligence to overcome skepticism, have a prospect feel comfortable, and to close a sale. That’s why leading marketers rely on Dial800 to:

  • Use intelligent call routing to route calls to the best performing call centers that specialize in consultative telesales to ensure the highest ROI per lead
  • Employ call recording to identify objections that can then be addressed in revised creative and offers that boost sales
  • Deploy easy-to-remember numbers that increase inbound leads that convert into more sales

Health Services

Hearing Assist

Uses bulk tracking phone numbers to measure marketing campaigns. Integrates using RoundTrip® to connect sales data with call tracking.

Health & Wellness Retail Product


Uses call tracking and routing profiles to increase the effectiveness and performance of direct response marketing campaigns.

Health & Wellness

Uses location-based call routing to send inbound calls to different stores based on the caller’s location.