Accessible fitness product needs robust call routing & tracking for multiple direct response campaigns

Cubii LogoCubii, a direct-to-consumer business focused on removing barriers to exercise and helping consumers build healthii habits™ they can stick to, runs marketing campaigns across the country as they get customers started on their wellness journeys.

Making fitness fun and accessible with compact seated ellipticals, Cubii currently runs many TV and print ads and needed a powerful and flexible system for routing customer calls and tracking marketing performance.

The Need to Manage Multiple Campaigns by Geographic Area

“We came to Dial800 because we needed a more robust call routing and tracking platform,” Jordan Appel, Brand Manager for Cubii, explains. “Their routing systems have allowed us to improve the consumer order experience and aggregate campaign and call center data to identify and understand performance trends.”

With direct response campaigns that cover large geographic areas, Appel and the team at Cubii need to be able to break down their call tracking data by campaign and area to measure performance.

“Leveraging the campaign-level data from Dial800’s platform provides another view into who we are reaching and how effective our campaigns are across different geographies” Appel says.

With Dial800’s CallView360® tracking and analytics, Cubii can add tag and attribute calls and sales to the ads that drove them for easy reporting and review.

Growing with Dial800’s Call Tracking & Routing Platform

As Cubii continues to grow and reach more users of all physical abilities and ages, Appel will rely more on Dial800’s advanced call routing and tracking options.

“As our direct response campaigns continue to scale and become more sophisticated, we have utilized Dial800’s platform to develop more detailed routing strategies that allow us to continuously improve the effectiveness and profitability of our campaigns based on an ever-growing range of variables.”

With the ability to create multiple custom call routing profiles based on that growing list of customer and campaign variables, Cubii and Dial800 will continue working to help Cubii customers remove the barriers to exercise.

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