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Direct response agency needs responsive call tracking & sub account management

DX Media Direct Logo DX Media Direct is a full service Direct Response ad agency that has been in business for over 10 years. Clients come to DX Media for a measurable return on advertising investment on outlets like Hulu, Google, Facebook, NBC, and more.

Accurately tracking and measuring the traffic and revenue generated by each individual ad and campaign is important to proving their success, which is why DX Media Direct uses Dial800’s phone numbers with built-in tracking and customizable analytics reports.

The Need for a Responsive Call Tracking Partner

“We were with a competitor, and their service wasn’t good. We were paying them all this money and it would freeze up, they said they had redundancy and it never really kicked in,” Buddy Vaughn, Managing Partner, explains on why DX Media Direct switched to Dial800 several years ago.

“Our clients were getting so frustrated and upset with us because we had referred them, and that’s when we switched to Dial800.”

They key to DX Media Direct’s direct response campaigns for their clients is that uptime – whenever a campaign is running, it is essential that the customer calls are delivered. And if a problem does come up, being able to reach Dial800’s support at any time is a priority. With offices on both the East and West coasts, there’s always a Dial800 member just a phone call away.

“The key benefits of Dial800,” Vaughn praises, ”are first, dependability. I don’t think we’ve had an issues in five, almost 6 years not delivering for the clients. Second, trackability, being able to log in and see results and all that tracking right there. And third, customer service – always being able to reach someone when we need help.”

Solutions for Easy Client Sub-Account Management

As an ad agency, DX Media Direct needs access to their Dial800 account and the sub accounts for their clients. Working with Dial800’s Account Managers it’s easy to set up accounts with usernames and passwords for each client and assign their unique tracking numbers to the client account.

DX Media Direct agents can then log into any client account to manage it and run reports, and the clients can also log in to see their call tracking and analytics reports. Within Dial800, DX Media Direct and their clients can track calls and sales driven by each media campaign and run real-time reports to determine the success and ROI of their ads.

With years of experience working with direct response and advertising agencies, Dial800’s ability to manage these various levels of account access and sub account setup makes this an easy process for DX Media Direct.

Embracing Flexibility for Future Growth

With a wide range of clients running television, radio, and website direct response advertising, DX Media Direct is always busy with multiple campaigns in the works. Vaughn says, “We’re just going to continue to grow and continue to use what Dial800 has to offer.”

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