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Caller ID for online marketing

DNI: Your Caller ID for Online Marketing

Get better digital marketing attribution & call tracking data

In the past, marketers were often challenged to pinpoint the largest sources of their online leads. Thankfully, an easy-to-implement tool called dynamic number insertion (DNI) can now serve up such . . . CONTINUE READING

Myth Busters

Debunking 8 fallacies about 1-800 business numbers

If your business has yet to choose a toll free 1-800 or vanity number, you may well have fallen subject to one of the myths about the industry. Expensive, difficult . . . CONTINUE READING

Incoming calls vs. online forms?

No contest when it comes to lead value

In spite of all the high-tech forms of communication out there, successful salespeople often prefer one of the most traditional modes — phone calls. That’s because incoming calls, especially those gleaned . . . CONTINUE READING

You have a business phone number now what

I bought a business phone number, now what?

Buying a memorable toll free business phone number is an important step to driving phone calls to your business! So you got a business phone number, but do you know what to do next? . . . CONTINUE READING

Local businesses- local or toll free number

Should Local Businesses Use A Local Or A Toll Free Number?

Should Local Businesses Use A Local Or A Toll Free Number? Is a business better off using a local prefix or a toll free number? Those who argue in favor . . . CONTINUE READING

The Original Toll-Free. 1-800 is the best

The Original Toll-Free: Why 1-800 is the best

Quick, think of a toll-free number. How does it start? We thought so. Because 1-800 was the only prefix for the first 26 years after toll-free numbers were established, it’s . . . CONTINUE READING

Increase Social Media Posts

Snowball effect: 13 ways to get social media posts rolling

So you’ve launched a sound social media campaign, and now you’re seeking more traction in terms of the number of people viewing your content. Going the extra mile to make . . . CONTINUE READING

How to find available 800 numbers, your business

How to Find Available 800 Numbers for Your Business

Toll-free 800 numbers can help companies establish their brand, supercharge their marketing campaigns and stand out from the competition, but finding the right number for your business can be challenging. . . . CONTINUE READING

Use Your Business Phone Line to Stay Connected With Customers

5 Ways to Use Your Business Phone Line to Stay Connected With Customers

In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are struggling to keep operations running smoothly and customers engaged with their products and services. The possible long-term economic impact . . . CONTINUE READING

What Business Phone Service Is Right for You

5 Tips to Decide What Business Phone Service Is Right for You

An effective business phone service does a lot more than just send and receive calls, it supports your revenue goals with accurate data analysis and reporting tools. Since all industries . . . CONTINUE READING