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Importance of Memorable Toll Free Numbers

The Importance of Memorable Toll Free Numbers

Hear about the importance of memorable toll free numbers to generate response by direct marketing authority Dawn DuMont-Perdew. Listen to why she only advertises using repeater (memorable) toll free numbers. Watch here: The . . . CONTINUE READING

Increase Inbound Response

One Simple Trick to Increase Inbound Response

We’ve all heard it before: “one simple trick…” Do they really exist? If you’re a direct marketer, the answer is simple: yes. There is one simple trick to increase your . . . CONTINUE READING

Reduce Misdials

Reduce Misdials with Toll Free 800 Numbers

  If your business uses a toll free number in your marketing, then it is important that you have an 800 number and not an 877 or 888. Instinctively people . . . CONTINUE READING

Number Chunking

The Science of Number Chunking and Toll Free Numbers

  Have you wondered why some numbers are so easy to remember and some you just can’t pick up? The Science of Number Chunking explains why: science indicates that people . . . CONTINUE READING

Dial Difference

The Dial Difference

What makes an agency unique? We believe it’s the people. Lucio Maramba, the Manager of Advanced Services, explains his transition from Dial800 client to employee and what the Dial Difference . . . CONTINUE READING

History of Toll Free Numbers

A Brief History of Toll Free Numbers

  Toll Free Numbers and 800 Numbers When you hear “toll free number” what do you think of? Do you think of an 877 or 888 number? More often than . . . CONTINUE READING

Dial800 Product Overview

Dial800 Product Overview Video

  See how call tracking, call routing, and memorable 800 numbers come together to create integrated optimized marketing.

CallView360° Application Demo

CallView360° Application Demo Video

  Get a closer look at CallView360° 2.0, Dial800′s state-of-the-art call tracking software.