Case Study: Memorable Vs Non-Memorable Media Test

Dial800 recently completed a focused test demonstrating the impact memorable numbers vs random digit numbers – and we’re ready to help all our clients get a boost in calls!

Over a two-week TV campaign with a leading D2C marketplace client, the results revealed that memorable numbers could increase new calls by up to 10%.

Why Memorable Numbers Work

  • Ease of Recall: Potential customers are more likely to remember and call a unique number.
  • Stand-out Branding: Memorable vanity numbers reinforce your brand, making you more recognizable.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in a crowded market where every call counts.

Dial800 Helps Your Numbers Work Harder

Dial800 specializes in unique, memorable business phone numbers and comprehensive campaign reporting for your campaigns, enhancing outreach and increasing engagement.

Ready to learn more? Read our detailed case study to see how upgrading to memorable numbers can transform your marketing strategy.

Read the Dial800 Memorable Numbers Case Study
Read the Dial800 Memorable Numbers Case Study

Connect with Dial800 Before Your Next Campaign

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