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Smart Hiring: traits for inbound sales rep

Smart hiring: What traits do you want in an inbound sales rep?

If your company is implementing an inbound call marketing strategy, your sales reps are doubtlessly reaping the rewards of those viable leads. In the U.S., inside sales revenues are growing 300 . . . CONTINUE READING

Voice and Body language- impact phone sales

Beyond words: How voice and body language can impact phone sales

Inbound call leads are second best only to in-person interactions.  Since customers contacting you by phone have no visual, you may assume your inbound sales reps could be slouched in . . . CONTINUE READING

Know where your sales come from, tracking and reporting

Do You Know Where Your Sales Come From? Why Tracking & Reporting Matter

With every website and business tool capable of creating reports, it’s easy to get a lot of data – but how much of it is actually useful? What businesses really . . . CONTINUE READING

Assessing Data to Provide Better Overall Customer Service

Assessing Data to Provide Better Overall Customer Service

Customer service is a core component of almost every successful business model, whether or not an organization is in a service-oriented industry. But as consumer preferences continue to evolve, companies . . . CONTINUE READING

ways recorded calls can be valuable learning tools

Proof on tape: 5 ways recorded calls can be valuable learning tools

If your company hasn’t taken the step of recording incoming and outgoing sales calls, you may wish to start as a way of teaching your staff and keeping your finger . . . CONTINUE READING

boost marketing spend for 2019

Budget time: Should you boost marketing spend for 2019?

This may be the time of year when you’re ironing out your business budget for 2019. And a key part of your decision-making is likely whether to expand, reduce or . . . CONTINUE READING

to improve your phone calls

Finding your voice: 9 tips to improve your phone calls

We’ve all encountered him or her on the phone: the person whose voice assails our ears like fingernails on a chalkboard, making us want to conclude our business as quickly . . . CONTINUE READING

Inbound Calls

Inbound Calls – Why you may not want to set talk time limits

Online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos thinks customer communication is so crucial that inbound sales calls should last indefinitely. That’s an unusual stance when inbound call strategies generally dictate that time . . . CONTINUE READING

techniques for inbound sales specialists

Conversions 101: 9 techniques for inbound sales specialists

With inbound sales and marketing, these professionals have one major advantage over their peers: The prospect is already interested in their product or company. Because callers are already responding to . . . CONTINUE READING