One Simple Trick to Increase Inbound Response

Increase Inbound Response

We’ve all heard it before: “one simple trick…” Do they really exist? If you’re a direct marketer, the answer is simple: yes. There is one simple trick to increase your response rate, and that is using a memorable, toll free number in your ads. Watch below as Rick Petry, a 25 year veteran of direct marketing, explains the importance of using a memorable toll free number in television ad campaigns:

Increase Leads with 800 Numbers

When using a memorable 800 number, you can see an increase in response rate between 20%-50%.  In fact, Dial800 clients have seen up to 69% increase in calls and sales when using one of their powerful 800 numbers. Make it easier for viewers and potential clients to remember your contact information.

Cost Effective Memorable 800 Numbers

When using direct marketing television ads, you will already be assigned a toll free number. But, why not do it smarter? When you use a memorable toll free number with your ads, as opposed to just any number, you can increase your response rate by 20-69%.  The cost of the number ends up being pennies on the dollar when you factor in the increased ROI.

If you are a direct marketer, using an easy to remember 800 number can make a significant impact on your business. Call us today at 800-700-1987, or email us today to learn more.