The Science of Number Chunking and Toll Free Numbers

Number Chunking


Have you wondered why some numbers are so easy to remember and some you just can’t pick up? The Science of Number Chunking explains why: science indicates that people are only able to remember two to three pieces of information at a time with our active, short-term memories.

When advertisers use chunkable numbers they are making it much easier for potential clients to remember. For example: 800-555-1000 is an easily chunkable number. It has two separate chunks: the 555 section and the 1000 section. When choosing your company 800 toll free number, keep in mind that people can only actively engage in remembering two to three chunks of information at a time and you need to make it easy!

At Dial800 we have done many case studies on the science of number chunking. We have found that using memorable, chunkable numbers increases the amount of calls to that number by 20%-60%.

What would a 20%-60% increase in calls mean to your business? If you want to discuss you toll free numbers and available options for your business, please call us today at 800-700-1987 or send an online inquiry at Dial800.