The Importance of Memorable Toll Free Numbers

Importance of Memorable Toll Free Numbers

Hear about the importance of memorable toll free numbers to generate response by direct marketing authority Dawn DuMont-Perdew. Listen to why she only advertises using repeater (memorable) toll free numbers.

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The reason why memorable toll free numbers are so effective has to do with how the average consumer’s short-term memory works. People can typically recall only three to four chunks of information, so numbers with certain patterns are easier to remember and deliver significantly more response. For example, a number that ends in a date such as (800) 940-1987 is easier to recall or a number that repeats digits such as (800) 255-1515 sticks in the memory bank with greater ease based upon this principle.

You can learn more about how Dumont-Perdew has partnered with Dial800 to generate response for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto omnichannel campaign here: