Reduce Misdials with Toll Free 800 Numbers

Reduce Misdials


If your business uses a toll free number in your marketing, then it is important that you have an 800 number and not an 877 or 888. Instinctively people will dial 8-0-0 even if you are advertising your 8-7-7 number.

The amount of misdialed calls alone is detrimental to your business, but could have direct sales or reputation consequences as well. For example, the 8-0-0 version of your phone number could go to a direct competitor or an opposing industry, like an adult entertainment industry.

Dial800 received over 150,000 misdialed calls per month on our 800 numbers. Misdials are so common, we previously built and sold a company on just that concept. We were receiving 2,000 misdialed calls a day from people who were trying to reach a business with an 877 ot 88 number, but dial the 800 number instead.

At Dial800 we have a bank of 50,000 different 800 numbers, either in the form of 800 vanity numbers or 800 repeater numbers.

Call us today at 800-700-1987, or send us an email at, to discuss your business and switching to an 800 number.