DNI: Your Caller ID for Online Marketing

Get better digital marketing attribution & call tracking data

Caller ID for online marketing

In the past, marketers were often challenged to pinpoint the largest sources of their online leads.

Thankfully, an easy-to-implement tool called dynamic number insertion (DNI) can now serve up such useful information when paired with toll free phone numbers used in website ads. That means less waste in your budget as you drill down to the most effective elements of your online strategy and take further steps to ensure customers get access to relevant messaging.

How Does DNI Work?

“As today’s search marketers are seeking to generate more qualified inbound calls, they realize the need to customize the customer’s experience to drive higher and more targeted consumer responses,” explains C.J. Arseneau on Marketingland.com. “DNI can help meet this demand by leveraging deeper insights into the consumer behavior that drove their searches or clicks, and how they are responding to ads.”

How does DNI work? It starts when unique script is pasted into your website’s header.  Our script automatically replaces your website phone number with a dynamic tracking number.  With DNI, you’ll understand where your caller came from via your digital marketing efforts. Learn more about the power of DNI with the help of our expert team.

You can then use Google Analytics and Google AdWords to track user behavior and characteristics including keywords, page visit history, geographic location and the use of mobile versus desktop. Even more value is added when conversions can be traced to elements including channel, venue, ad copy, images and custom content.

Benefits of Using DNI for Marketing Attribution & More

That said, the usefulness of DNI can go beyond just tracking into proactive strategy.

Savvy marketers use the technology to custom code the text and images placed on a website or landing page to guide users toward more tailored destinations. For example, if someone searches Google using the term “hot stone therapy” and clicks on an ad for a massage therapist, the text and graphics appearing can depict hot stone therapy instead of other forms of massage. The marketer can also ensure the viewer sees local coupons targeted as such.

Because a comprehensive DNI program is maximized through multiple toll-free numbers, your provider should be able to seamlessly integrate several such numbers with effective analytics tools. Learn how Dial800 uses DNI along with our toll free numbers and CallView360® tracking.

Setting Up Your Dial800 DNI

If you’re ready to improve your call tracking and marketing attribution, Dial800 has several how-to guides to walk you through the process of setting up DNI:

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