I bought a business phone number, now what?

You have a business phone number now what

Buying a memorable toll free business phone number is an important step to driving phone calls to your business! So you got a business phone number, but do you know what to do next?

Let the Dial800 business phone system experts help – these are the three key steps to take once you have a business phone number.

First, Set Up Call Routing

When a customer or lead calls your new number, what happens to their call? Setting up call routing is key to properly handling inbound calls.

>With AccuRoute® from Dial800 you can create as simple or complex a routing system as you need. Easily manage multiple agents, offices in different locations, differing call routing rules based on the caller, and much more.

Especially if your business phone line is managed by multiple agents or gets too many inbound calls to handle, you want a smooth queue system to ensure callers don’t get frustrated and hang up if they can’t get through.

Check out our Knowledge Base articles on call routing to get started.

Second, Set Up Call Tracking & Analytics

Once your callers are getting through to your business, you want to track their calls to learn important customer information. Call tracking with CallView360® can help you gather key caller information, track and report all your inbound calls, show you which advertising channels are driving the most traffic, and more. You can also create custom reports and KPI dashboards to see your call data any time you want.

In addition to tracking your calls, Dial800’s programs can also analyze your calls using Voice Analytics AI programs. This helps you record calls, track keywords, rate caller sentiment, and more.

Get step-by-step instructions on setting up call tracking and AI analytics in Dial800.

Third, Integrate Call Data with Your Other Business Programs

Finally, you should think about how Dial800’s call data can integrate with your other business programs. If you’re using a CRM program to create customer records and collect their information, integrating their call history will create more detailed and accurate records. If you make sales from those phone calls, are you adding call records to your sales software to tie those sales back to the source?

Dial800’s open API format makes it easy to integrate data with other programs your business needs. We have built-in integrations for the most common programs including Google Analytics and Adwords, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Netsuite. These how-to articles will help you set up your integrations today!

Not sure how an integration could help you? Ask our experts who will be happy to walk you through the process and explain the benefits.

Once you’ve obtained your business phone number, set up call routing, set up call tracking, and integrated call data into your business records, you are all set!