5 Features of Integrations You'll Love

Flexible Data Integrations

Dial800’s open API can integrate with virtually any software, program or tool, helping you pull all the data from a wide range of sources together. Use this complete view to evaluate marketing spend vs ROI, track sales, create fully detailed customer records for better account management, and so much more.

Our most popular integrations include Salesforce, Netsuite, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. Need something else? Dial800’s expert account management team and developers can work with you to set up custom integrations.

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RoundTrip® – Merge Call Center Data

Call centers report data differently, making comparative analysis a challenge. With RoundTrip® data integration, consolidate all your data uniformly into a single report. No more confusing call codes, disparate data feeds or incomplete sales reporting with Dial800’s RoundTrip®. Compare call centers, make informed decisions, and increase close rates and sales.

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Unified Call Dispositions

Call Centers have their own unique call activity labels, known as call disposition codes which can create confusion when reading your reports. What one call center labels a “short call” may not be the same for another, as well as what one calls an “abandon”, may actually be a “hangup”. With RoundTrip® data integration by Dial800, everyone is held to the same standards. All call dispositions are normalized for an efficient performance evaluation.

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Easy Call Center Integration

Dial800 integrates with major call centers across the US and Canada. Roundtrip® can integrate with new call centers, your own internal call center, or selected agents. Dial800’s open API is the simplest in the industry, and we are proud to say that call centers have integrated with us in as little as one day.

RoundTrip® utilizes an open API rest interface to accept call data from our call center partners and matches each and every data feed with 100% unfiltered, unedited switch data. Our technology team works directly with call centers and agencies to ensure success with the import feeds, as well as a consistency of reporting from all centers.

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Campaign Performance Group

Dial800’s Roundtrip® takes your account concierge service to the next level with Campaign Performance Group. Management of your account includes full routing analysis, all details of call center integration during setup, monitoring campaign performance, analyzing data sets, and providing direct recommendations on how to maximize your revenue.

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Campaign Optimization with RoundTrip® Integration

Call centers tend to report data differently, making comparative analysis difficult. RoundTrip® solves this issue by providing seamless integration and consolidating data uniformly into a single report. The sales data is imported into CallView360®, allowing easy access to the information.

Custom reports using templates provided by client’s media agencies can be created and delivered on a daily basis, allowing agencies to make adjustments to campaigns based on campaign or call center performance.

If you need to integration more data, Dial800’s open API has the flexibility to connect with your sales and CRM software, communications programs, and digital media sites.

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