Key Features

One Screen Routing Management

Easily manage your call flows with the one-screen routing management interface.

Unlimited Routing Rules

Use our 30+ pre-configured routing rules individually or stacked to customize your routing down to the granular level for optimized call flows.

Unlimited Routing Profiles

Design as many call flows as you need to meet your business phone service needs.

Geo-Location Routing

Deliver your calls automatically based on many options, including your inbound callers’ area or zip code location.

Time of Day Scheduled Routing

Set up your routing based on time of day to load balance call volumes, deliver to specific recipients based on schedules and more.

Agent Availability Routing

Route in real-time to available agents to minimize hold times and maximize your caller’s experience.

Call Distribution Groups

Deliver your calls via round-robin, hunt groups, percentage allocations and location-based criteria.

Agent Queues

Simultaneous call handling with VIP caller lists, music on hold, callback and place in-line features.

Threshold, Spike & Overflow Management

Set up your call routing to handle any critical issue that may come your way. Whether dealing with a call center dropping calls or a media campaign generating peak volumes, use Accuroute® to keep your calls connecting.

Open API Framework

API’s are meant to be flexible to utilize your data wherever you choose.  With Dial800 open API, you can deliver your calls and call data to any destination.  Learn more about our integrations.

Simplify Your Complex Routing Challenges

Dial800 sets itself apart from the competition by our call routing solutions and we’ve never met a call routing request we couldn’t handle. We look forward to hearing about your business call routing goals.

Call Routing and Call Centers

As an all in one call management platform, Dial800 partners with many call centers to delivery routing and tracking to external teams and back into Dial800 for complete call routing management and analytics. We work to optimize performance, provide technical oversight and real-time performance reporting. Learn more about our Inbound Call Management Review service available.

3 Reasons to Choose Accuroute®

  • Flexible Routing
    Leverage unlimited routing rules, such as by schedules, responsive menus and geo-location.
  • Integrated Call Flow
    Design and customize data-driven live API calls for laser-focused call routing.
  • Caller Intelligence
    Gain valuable insights into your callers' behavior at every step of your call routing flow.

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