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Is your company ready for a modern, flexible cloud-based phone system? With BizCloud® VoIP phone systems you can easily connect remote employees and office workers to your phone and messaging system to take calls, text customers, and more!

Why Choose the Cloud-Based Flexibility of BizCloud®?

Flexibility is quickly becoming key to many workplaces as more employees utilize work from home setups:

  • A significant percentage of employees, contractors, and freelancers already worked from home
  • Many workplaces are now adopting a hybrid schedule with some days in the office and some days at home
  • Other employees want the ability to flex their schedule to work remotely when needed
  • Easily checking in from home is essential for after-hours and weekend management
  • And remote access may be necessary to check in with the office while traveling

So how can a cloud-based phone system work for all these situations?

By using the Internet to send and receive calls, texts, messages, and videos instead of traditional phone lines, you can easily log into your business phone system from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere! This gives employees more flexibility while still being able to access key business programs essential for their jobs.

Modern Phone Systems with BizCloud® VoIP & SIP Trunking

How does this type of phone system work though? VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a communication protocol that converts phone calls into digital data that can be sent over the Internet instead of the phone lines. This allows them to be sent online like as easily as you send an email or check a website.

When you switch to BizCloud® VoIP, your company’s phone system will now use your Internet connection for inbound and outbound calls. This has several benefits, the primary one being the ease of adding new phone lines in the future. Instead of running landlines and installing phone systems, you can more easily and affordably add new users. If they want a desktop office phone they can select options like these, or you can set them up with a softphone app or browser-based phone.

If you are updating an existing landline system, you can use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking to deliver VoIP calls instead of using the phone line.

Learn more about BizCloud® VoIP phone services and SIP trunking options. If you already have BizCloud® services, you find support articles for VoIP and SIP trunking in the Knowledge Base.

Remotely Connect with BizCloud® TALK Softphone

When you switch to VoIP, you may be wondering how you’ll actually be taking calls. There are office phones designed to connect to the Internet instead of a phone line – but many businesses go completely wireless and use softphones instead!

Softphones are programs that run on computers and smartphones that let you log into your business phone system to make and take calls. Softphones can be an entirely separate app you launch each morning, or a website you log into through an Internet browser. Because you aren’t tied to a physical phone at a desk, softphones are popular for remote workers and anyone who travels for work, and even workplaces looking to streamline their phone system.

For all BizCloud® customers, your system includes BizCloud® TALK softphone – our Dial800 browser-based softphone. Every BizCloud® TALk softphone account comes with a dedicated extension and voicemail box, team messaging between employees, and 1-to-1 customer texting on text-enabled numbers.

Learn more about BizCloud® TALK softphone. If you already have BizCloud® TALK accounts, check out the guides to using TALK in the Knowledge Base.

Easily Host Video Calls with BizCloud® MEET

But what if you want to do more than call a coworker or customer? BizCloud® MEET can help – our Dial800 video calling and virtual conference program!

Designed for easy video calls and conferences up to 100 participants, BizCloud® MEET is a great addition to your BizCloud® VoIP phone system because it provides another way to easily connect your workplace. Video calls are used for work meetings, virtual workplace social events, virtual conferences and speaker events, interviews, and more.

Learn more about BizCloud® MEET video calls. If you already have BizCloud® MEET accounts, check out the support and how to guides in the Knowledge Base.

BizCloud® Plans & Options

When you are ready to finalize your BizCloud® services, you’ll need to select from three plan options: Basic, Power, and Enterprise.

How do you know which plan is right for you?

If you have questions about which BizCloud® options are best suited for your business, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800.

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