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BizCloud® VoIP Phone Systems

Easily connect to your business phone system in-office or remotely using flexible Internet based office phone options.

Office Phones for BizCloud® VoIP Phone Services

Even with a cloud phone system like BizCloud® that sends and receives calls over your Internet connection, many employees still want traditional offices phones.

Easy to use, comfortable to take calls, and with a wide range of features, office phones are a staple of cubicles and corner offices alike.

Dial800 offers four models of Yealink phones that are easily compatible with the Dial800 BizCloud® VoIP phone system. With options for low volume and high volume calling, along with conference room calling, these office phones meet the needs of all our BizCloud® clients.

Why Choose a VoIP Phone System?

Cloud-Based Flexibility

A cloud-based VoIP (Voice over IP) system offers businesses a more flexible, lower-cost phone solution over installing and running traditional phone lines. This allows you to grow and update the phone system as business needs change, staying responsive to your growing business.

For a new employee you just need to add a new extension to your phone system, provide them with an office phone (or Softphone license), and log them into get started! Every inbound and outbound call is tracked and stored within Dial800’s platform and provides instant insights into every call.

Easier Remote Access

Because VoIP phone systems are cloud-based, that means they are also easier to connect to remotely when you’re not in the office.

Whether you’re working from a home office or traveling, as long as you have Internet connectivity you can connect your office phone and take and make your calls.

If you don’t want to travel with phone equipment, you can also log in to make and receive calls with your browser-based BizCloud® TALK softphone or via another softphone.

Supported by Dial800 Tracking & Analytics

All BizCloud® VoIP phone solutions automatically route, track, and analyze your calls within the Dial800 platform.

This end-to-end call visibility can help you create better customer experiences, improve call routing rules, provide top-notch customer service, measure marketing campaign success, drive more calls and sales, and much more.