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AI Analytics Quick Start Guide

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Do you know what customers are saying on every call and text to your business? If you aren’t listening and analyzing that valuable data, you’re losing out on key customer behavior insights! Whether it’s to track promo codes, measure how often specific questions or concerns come up,

Why Use AI Analytics for Your Calls & Texts?

There’s important data in your calls, but recording every call and listening to them, or setting up transcriptions and reading them, takes time you don’t have. That’s where Dial800’s AI analytics can help – use our AI-powered programming to automatically listen and detect keywords so you can focus on only the most important customer conversations.

Dial800 customers use AI analytics data to answer questions like:

  • Which promo code is being used to the most, so we know which ad is working?
  • In addition to which ad is working, which channel is driving more leads and sales?
  • How many of our calls are ranked as “happy”?
  • How many of our callers request a manager?
  • And many more

Using different types of analytics tools, you can gather the data and answer those questions.

Understanding the Different Types of AI Analytics

Which Dial800 analytics tool you will use greatly depends on what you’re doing with the data.

Once you know what results you want and how you want to handle the data, you can select the right AI analytics tools for your business. These Knowledge Base articles help you set up each option so you can start analyzing your data right away. If you have any more questions about AI analytics or how these tools work, contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800 to discuss your options.

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