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Uses for AI Voice Analytics

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How can you easily track when a new product is gaining popularity, or a new question is being asked frequently? Do you know when customers are angry, and calls go poorly, even before it’s reported by the agent? With Voice Analytics AI data, you can!

Benefits of Dial800’s Speech Analytics – Voice Tagging AI

Using the power of speech analytics and Dial800’s built-in voice tagging feature, you can explore key words and phrases from your calls. Analyze the keywords spoken at a granular level or grouped together for overall insights and caller intelligence statistics.

Our Voice Analytics AI program can be used in many ways, depending on the data you are looking for – do you want to easily tag calls on a specific topic, or get a general feel for the call? There are many tools to use depending on the use-case of your business.

When to Use Voice Analytics

Key features and uses of our Voice Analytics AI include:

  • Call recording for inbound & outbound calls
  • Call transcripts so you can review written versions in addition to recordings
  • Speech Analytics that uses voice tagging AI to automatically detect & report on specific keywords spoken on a call
  • Sentiment rating, our multi-data point system that rates the mood of a call
  • Call scoring for quick reviews of your calls and employee performances
  • PII redaction for call recording and transcripts to protect sensitive data

Using this data, you can evaluate calls and spot patterns in keyword use and sentiment that wouldn’t otherwise be clear. This can help your business respond quickly to changing customer requests, meeting their needs and driving more conversions.

How you analyze call data will depend on the data you want and how you’ll use it – contact Dial800 Customer Care or call 1-800-DIAL800 to learn more!

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